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    This will be a thread solely dedicated to the upcoming Tony Miller Steer-Dovan pass around which can be referenced in this thread: Steer-Dovan Strop by Tony Miller

    As agreed @Jnatcat will be shipping me the strop following his use and I will then ship it to the next B&B member after my use. If you are interested in participating please add you name to the list. If anyone has suggestions on how this should go please post your comments.

    Here is the way the current list stands:
    1. @NPV
    2. @paintflinger
  2. Please PUT ME ON THE LIST! Thanks guys and yes, I have shaved with a straight a couple of times... lol

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  3. Major thing to pay attention to, when shipping, is how the leather is placed in the box. Not sure what kind of box this is shipping in, but the stropping surface should never be rolled inwards.
  4. NPV


    It has been brought to my attention this should have been included in the original post:

    "To be put on the list, please already have at least one straight razor and at least 20 successful shaves with it, and at least 50 posts, and a CONUS mail address. Put "Put Me On The List" prominently in your post."
  5. "Put Me On The List" prominently in your post." :)

    I'm at a half century shaves, mostly successful- still breathing at least.
  6. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    "Put Me On The List" Please
  7. All packed and is heading out in tomorrow’s mail :a14:enjoy Gents and try not to cut
  8. Thanks again William.
  9. Cool, put me on the list......oh wait, never mind :001_tt2: Thanks to William for offering this up to everyone.
  10. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    Tony Miller maybe you could be last to see how it held up
  11. Good idea for sure!

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  12. NPV


  13. I was kidding about getting on the list but it may be interesting when it has sort of run out of steam to have it back to see how it faired over many users and techniques. I would appreciate feedback as each guy uses it. Not sure if this is the thread for it or not as I don't want it to become to "advertisey" but whatever flies with the mods is fine with me, public or private feedback is welcome as it helps me improve my products.
  14. NPV


    Cool, I figured at the end we could send it back to you for your evaluation. Unless more members sign up, only time will tell.
  15. Every pass around I've seen and participated in people comment on the item(s) being passed. I don't see why this one would be different. If you have questions about a comment, wanting more detail perhaps, that might should go via PM.
  16. Thanks Clay, that is what I prefer but it was not my pass around and did not know protocol. I think posted comments are best as it helps others, and me determine more about the product. It will help me determine if this material has a future and if I were too hasty pulling it from production.
  17. Well, hearing others experiences helps people not go rabid on each other while waiting their turn. :)

    Which reminds me @NPV , a time limit should be set on the longest someone can keep it.
  18. joamo

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    If this is still open, "Put Me On The List" Please!
  19. NPV


    Will do!
    I was thinking 7 days for each member, what do you guys think?
  20. Please put me on the list.

    I promise I'll be careful. :taz:

    7 days is reasonable, IMHO.

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