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GIVEAWAY! PAA Filament & Strangelet PIF

I posted a review of PAA’s Filament razor. After posting the review one of the community members questioned the blade alignment when installed and posted a picture. Another community member responded and I followed up with a photo of mine, only to discover cracks radiating from the threaded post: these showed up after only two shaves.

Subsequently I contacted PAA and I thought they were only sending me a replacement head. To my surprise their exceptional customer service sent a new complete razor. Hallelujah for companies that stand behind their products and treat their customers respectfully.

As noted in my review I will continue to experiment with the Filament. I am not however inclined to hold onto two of these. When I purchased the razor I also bought a tuck of their Strangelet Super Sharp blades. While certainly not a bad blade, it is not for my mug.

Though I do not favor the razor or the blades, this is zero reflection upon the quality or my enjoyment of a number of other PAA products I have and would highly recommend. Among these include, their brushes, CK6 formula shave soap, alum block/dock, Cube 2.0 preshave and the Intergalactic Scuttle (love I can get warm lather for the duration of my shave.)

PIF Terms

The first four (4) gents/ladies (US only please) who satisfy all of the following and agree to the terms:

  • You’ve never tried a slant comb razor and would really like to.
  • You’ve NOT tried PAA’s Strangelet Super Sharp DE Blade.
  • You agree to send the razor (cleaned/sanitized) to the next person on the list at your expense. Preserve the original packing materials to ensure safe transit.
  • You agree to use ONLY one Strangelet blade. Of course you’ll be keeping it/disposing of it when you’re done experimenting with the razor. I encourage you to try the razor with your favorite blade(s) as well: give it a good trial.
  • Once you’ve used your blade and the Filament razor for a few shaves/a couple of weeks: you agree to send the remaining blades and razor to the next person on the list.
  • You agree to thoroughly clean, dry and sanitize the razor prior to sending it in its original packing materials.
  • The last person to use the Filament agrees to send it back to me, again, cleaned and sanitized.
  • I know not everyone is comfortable or inclined to write reviews. Not a deal breaker, but it would be a nice gesture and addition if you would post your experiences and thoughts after having used the Filament and the Strangelet Super Sharp blade.
  • Please be mindful of the fact the razor has begun to crack/fracture around the post in the cap: be gentle when tightening it. If for some reason the cracks worsen making the razor unusable, the person with whom this happens agrees to send the blades onto the next person(s) to at least complete that portion of the PIF.
This will be a first come first gets it kind of thing. I will use the time/date stamp of your post to put y’all in order.

I will ponder opening this PIF up to our European members after getting it back. No promises regarding this.

This is my first PIF and hope the foregoing has been clear. During my short time in this community, I’ve rather enjoyed the interactions I’ve had and would like to offer an experience to a few of y’all.
I started to write something earlier and had a technical issue...

Thank you for the kind word and totally understand not being a slant guy, not sure I am either. I just scored a 30s era Gillette New Long Comb. I'm keen to try it this week to see if I'm even a comb guy. Experimenting is part of the fun of this journey. I'll more than likely put up a review/my thoughts of the experience using this new score at some point.

I'll say this much about the razor. I like short handles and it is interestingly balanced: noticably head heavy with the handle being noticably light. I may seek out a short brass handle to experiment with what might be a better feel in the hand.

Thanks again.
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