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GIVEAWAY! PIF: Brent Berkeley Straight Razor; New

Hi all. Paying It Forward in life with a GIVEAWAY as I prune my storage box of overbought supplies. (Marie Kondo: "Does it bring you joy?" 🤔) This thread is posted in the STRAIGHT RAZOR forum, but as suggested to me by a more B&B user with several years of history, that forum tends to get mostly straight razors aficionados, ergo "post in the general". I am keeping the "list" of names in that other forum though otherwise it/ll be too. unwieldy to manage. SO, if interested in a giveaway for a BRENT BERKELY, SIGNATURE STRAIGHT RAZOR, go here (in my signature as well): GIVEAWAY! - PIF: Brent Berkeley 6/8" Straight Razor; New (not even used for one shave) in packaging. - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/pif-brent-berkeley-6-8-straight-razor-new-not-even-used-for-one-shave-in-packaging.648305/

Please post comments and so on, THERE. 😁

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