Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

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    B204949E-198E-4608-9380-C3CFF0E159FE.jpeg Forgot to add the pic I was so excited.
  1. Must have been Single Edge Day out there. Here is the wild bunch:


    Ever-Ready 1924 Shovelhead PAT.APP’D FOR (Metro blade loaded)
    Schick Injector E2 (blade loaded)
    Eversharp Schick G6
    Gem Pushbutton very user grade handle logo, plastics quite fresh
    Gem Micromatic user grade cosmetic flaws, TTO and blade bed are great
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    Great haul @Tanuki, congratulations.
  3. Dang. Nice haul.
  4. Hi all,

    I traveled far and wide today in an attempt to feed my RAD. I was striking out when I found a VERY nice condition GEM Jr. which I purchased for twelve dollars. I figure one can never have enough GEM/Ever-Ready 1912 Razors.
    Now feeling a better, I pressed on and visited a little place I know of that had finally opened business for the season.
    As I walked in, right up front (in the glass case) I spied four Razors staring me right in the Face. All looked to be Gillette Ball Ended Handle New or Old types. Of course I worked out a deal and I purchase all four Razors. As it later turns out, one of the four Razors was NOT a Gillette after all. Once home and doing my research, I quickly learned that I purchased what proved to be a circa 1925 SPEEDWAY. It sure do look like a 1920's Gillette OC Ball Ended Handle Old Type. As of tonight, I have all five Razors soaking/cleaning and I'll later I.D./date code all five. Oooh, another one of my best finds today, was a 95% full, 100ml bottle of (made in France) Vintage Hermes 24 Faubourg Eau de Parfum ! YES! Man, this Hermes is some Old School Perfum and is SUPER STRONG and smells wonderful! I believe this Parfum is THE strongest Fragrance I presently own and I dear say, no more than two sprays of 24 Faubourg will be needed. This bottle of Hermes will sit along side my TOP SHELF Fragrances.
    Oooh, it has a very cool "etched" bottle :

    Hermès 24 Faubourg - Part I: The Glorious Vintages (EDT/EDP) - Kafkaesque

    Oooh, I also found a sweet little SAK with a very nice quality leather sheath for $1.99 !
    All in all, a good day of treasure hunting!

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    Sounds like you did well. Can’t wait to see the photos.
  6. BBB9450A-3905-4B19-ABF4-D5CF58789F53.jpeg Came in the mail yesterday, NOS Gem Micro. Still has the tag you see, plus the instructions on how to install the blade under the cap.
  7. Still trying to decide to use it or just look at it. I do have another one coming that was listed as “near mint”.
  8. Hi @JohnnieTime . Nice purchase! I'm in the same Boat, that is to say, I too own a NOS GEM Micromatic (Silver/Nickel ?) which came in a Art Deco case. It's a "Safe Queen" as I have four other Macromatics.

  9. Very nice. @JohnnieTime if you have another I personally would save that one.

    @SixCats! Have you tried your schick repeating razor yet?
  10. Here’s one I don’t deserve. Fresh from a local antique mall. Not NOS, but the gift recipient never bothered to try it, or even unfold the instructions. Gold plated Micromatic with guiding eye (with blade loading instruction card in the blade bed), undamaged/unworn case, spare blade holder, and all the blade holder contents.

  11. Great score.
  12. What a beauty! What a find!
  13. Finally got into an antique/collectibles shop that always seemed to be closed when we get there. I had previously gotten a Fat-handle Tech and a Single Ring Old from him.
    I specifically went looking for injectors this time and there were three. Yay!
    I think the other two were also Type E. One in a Bakelite case and another in a leather-covered (metal ?) case.

    The one I came out with is a Canadian Type E3 (I believe) in a brown Bakelite case, for CAD$25. I selected this one because of the light brown marbling (hard to see in the photo) in the handle.
    Sadly, the modern blade injectors don't quite fit in the case.
    The molded lettering inside the lid says "Manufactured by / Magazine Repeating Razor Company / Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada".
    On the bottom it says "Canadian Patent No. 323834". For all I know though, the patent might be for the case design instead of the razor.

    On the razor head is stamped "Patented 1937 Made In Canada", and around the rivet it says "Eversharp Schick"

    I cleaned it up and shaved with it tonight.
    I love how light it is. At times it reminded me of the Good News Plus disposables I used to use.
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    Nice razor @John Rose, congratulations.
  15. ajkel64

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    Nice score, congratulations.
  16. "Guiding eye"? o_O
  17. For a brief time the bullet tip Gem Micromatics were produced with a small machined “guiding eye” in the center of the cap to remind shavers to ‘hold cap flat against face’. I guess faces were flatter back in the 1940s. Here it is in gold and nickel plate:

  18. Very nice finds guys.

    So what are you going to do with your duct taped Franken schick @John Rose?
  19. Occam Razor 2.0[​IMG]

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