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    Nice razor, nice case, nice set! I haven’t seen that handle before. Clean lines! I really like using the extra short handles. The balance is right for me, lightens my touch and enhances control. Enjoy!
  1. Got 2 recently off the bay, a Valet Auto Strop (model known unofficially as the VB1 from what I can tell), and a GEM lather catcher. I'm still looking for more info on the lather catcher.

    Did a basic soap and water cleaning on the GEM, haven't done anything on the Auto Strop yet since it came in good shape. I'm looking forward to giving them both a try soon, might use the GEM before work tonight.

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  2. @Ron R and @Flintstone65 could probably help with ID kn the gem. Infact I believe Flintstone65 has one like that.
  3. I've got one of those -- very, very nice!!! It's a great shaver and beautiful razor, congratulations. You've got some great blade stops there, so you can definitely use a modern GEM was made for a wedge blade, so you could shave with one of those as well. As for the history, it's a little tough....unfortunately Waits' Compendium doesn't go into a lot of detail. From what I can tell, this is a 1904-1905 GEM. A couple of years later (1907), the GEM Jr. Bar came on to the scene. I'm afraid, that's all I've got. If you learn more, please share! You can check out this thread if you want to see mine and learn about my shave with a wedge blade. Micromatic Monday I will also be shaving with this razor tomorrow (this coming Monday) with a modern GEM blade.
  4. That Auto Strop is definitely a VB1, I have one and it is one of best SE razors I own. You should be able to get away with just despining the Gem blade but if some reason it won't seat straight after taking off the spine if you have a dremel or similar rotary tool open up cutouts under the spine until the wide enough for the tab to fit it in snuggly.
  5. I'd definitely like to get a wedge blade for it. The set you've got is awesome, there's something so cool about the design of those razors. The bit I've been able to find out since my post agrees with it being a 1904-05 model. Wish there was more info on these kinds of old razors but it seems hard to come by.

    I tried it out last night with a regular GEM blade. I got some irritation but my technique may have been a bit off. Going to use it again in the next couple of days and see how it goes.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I've been looking forward to trying it out. I'll give the despining a try. I don't have a dremel though so if just despining doesn't work I'll have to get those Feather blades, right?
  7. Some folks shim the blade a bit....sort of simulates/emulates the wedge blade by increasing the girth of the spinal area. @Ron R has done some great work in making shimming very easy. I tried to find the thread where he covers his shimming is one thread: Gem Razor Models
  8. Also, a bunch of us GEM fanatics hang out over at the Micromatic Monday thread, so please feel free to join us for a Monday shave. It's called Micromatic Monday, but we've expanded it out to GEMonday -- so all GEM's are welcome.
    Micromatic Monday
    And the "Gem Razor Models" thread that @Ron R started is another excellent place to hang out and learn about the various GEM models.
  9. Some people cut the edges after despining, problem with that as I've found out is the blade doesn't always stay stationary. Try that if the blade won't seat right. Feathers in the worst case.

    Despining the Gem blades is simple, even easier if you have the ones with cardboard wrapping around the blade then you can hold it in your hand and use small needle nose pliers to remove the spine. I'd also suggest leaving that cardboard on the blade until you have it loaded.
  10. SE2 plate from a forum member. He says it's unused and it looks like that could be true. Grabbed a used cap, which looks perfect, from ATT. I have handles so this is a good way to try out an SE for not too much dough. DSCN2822.JPG
  11. Thanks, I despined one of my GEM stainless blades and it fit perfectly. Used the spine to shim the blade for my lather catcher so I got a 2 for 1 haha.
  12. That's awesome. Let us know how the shaves go.
  13. The GEM shaved really well this time. Going to give the Auto Strop a try next time, looking forward to that for sure.
  14. Glad you like the Gem.
    Never tried an Auto strop myself, but my buddy has several and really likes them.
  15. It was unused!!! :001_tt2: Hopefully it's used now :biggrin:. The only true OC i used is a MMOC. The rest don't seem to like my face, or vice versa ;)
  16. Yup. It's used now. I like it a lot. You definitely have to pay closer attention compared to using a DE.
  17. 20190615_095820.jpg
    Received Heljestrand Lather Catcher.
    Havent shaved with it yet
  18. Very cool, congrats. I've never seen that kind before. Do you know anything about it?

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