Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

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    In order to keep new scores and acquisitions easier to find lets post them all in this thread. :001_tt1:
  2. Here's my find of today, GEM Micromatic Bullet-tip or Flying wing Single Edge twist to open safety razor.

    This razor is in good condition, some scratches and the handle has some plate loss as has the head:

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  3. And another item I won from the same seller on that well known auction site, advertised as GEM Push button Single Edge Safety Razor:

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  4. Preceded by this one, as I really needed :)001_unsur) one of those lovely boxes:

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  5. My first SE razor, identified as a 1912:

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  6. And finally, my second one which is a 1924:

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  7. And I found out that my favorite vendor on the Bay had a couple of nice items up for sale today also!

    A Clog Pruf, if identified correctly.


    And a GEM jr.


    A few coins go a long way in SE land!
  8. Finally snagged a Damaskeene on the 'Bay. Now I just need to find a Jewel/Streamline and I'll be set. The seller thought it was a hoot that I was planning on shaving with this. Apparently she'd never heard of B&B.

    $P1110563.JPG $P1110564.JPG $P1110565.JPG $P1110566.JPG
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  9. Nice one!
  10. Here are some pics:

    $01_Gem-1912.jpg $02_Gem 1912 Razor.jpg $03_Gem 1912 Razor.jpg $04_Gem 1912 Razor-Head Bottom.jpg $06_Gem 1912 Razor- Back of Head.jpg

  11. BTW - These are all BCP -Before Cleaning Pics :lol:

    I also have another Gem 1912, but the head's smaller & a different style handle.

    $07_Compare with Smaller-A.jpg $08_Compare with Smaller-B.jpg $09_Compare with Smaller-C.jpg $10_Compare with Smaller-D.jpg

    Are there different "sub-models" within the 1912 Model?

  12. I think alex2363 knows, maybe we should ask.

    From my own starting collection I can confirm that there are more than one style handle.
    I have the same ornate or chain link handle, and a pretty similar handle as the other one also.

    Whether this reflects an other model or just a handle change over the years, I do not know.
  13. I found this single edge 7 0 clock on ebay for a nice price so i had to have it, Plus it uses desplined blades just like
    the early autostrops do

    $DSC_0414.jpg $DSC_0415.jpg its in better condition than it looks, plus i have now centered the blade properly.
  14. Picked this one up the other day.
    EverReady 1914 "little lather catcher" complete with box on eBay. Excellent condition and shaves like a boss!

    $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391873701.626367.jpg $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391873711.493324.jpg $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391873721.779962.jpg
  15. [​IMG]I just purchased this on E-bay.
    Looking forward to playing with it.[​IMG]
  16. I went to a couple of antique stores today and found this GEM 1912. Looks like it's in decent shape. It even had a GEM Damaskeene blade loaded. Anyone ever tried shaving with one of these?
    $GEM_1.jpg $GEM_2.jpg
  17. This old beauty just arrived. Can anyone identify it for me? It looks like a very early Ever-Ready travel razor. And where should I look for info about cleaning it up.

  18. Here is my first SE razor...I had no clue as to what I bought.

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  19. Good choice. Damaskeene's are excellent. Great condition too!

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