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What's a good single edge blade?

A LONG time ago, I bought some GEM single-edge blades. I use mainly double-edge and don't shave everyday, so it took me a long time to go through the pack (100 blades). When I was out, I bought some more GEM blades. The new ones were terrible. I did some searching, but can't find anything that looks promising. What single-edge blades are people using?
To be clear, I am looking for the type of SE blades that look like what you put in a paint scraper, not 'injector' blades. All of my SE razors are vintage.
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The only SE blade I use now are the GEM PTFE blades.

Note: I can see how knowing which ones are for shaving can be challenging. None say on packaging, can be used for shaving. Thoroughly read the label. Some packaging says coated. Some say uncoated. I have yet to try uncoated. Unsure if there is a big difference.

Clue: Do not buy your blades at a hardware store.
These work great in my old bullet tip . Old Treet SE blades
were better , but long gone now .
An important note if the ones suitable for shaving have a Triple facet grind, the 100 packs should say steel, grind, thickness and coating on the label.
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