Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by BigFoot, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Interesting looking razor, congratulations.
  2. Ah, yes...
    V. 1
    I shall glue the handle back together, replacing the missing chips with epoxy.
    Wabi sabi and all that.

    V. 2
    The Soluna handle will be returned to duty as the handle for Goodwill that was was on it when I bought it.

    And the duct tape? I'll probably just throw it away.
    I know, wasteful, right? :whistling:
  3. I can't believe you are going to throw away the duct tape.
    You should put something in the epoxy either dye or brass shavings or something.
    Woodcraft and similar stores sell crushed stone and shell for inlace. Lots of options to make it more decorative.
  4. Got it!
    Not a grail, just baseline gear to play on the ‘Micromatic’ Monday (ASR Everyday?) thread. One rivet has a sheared head, she’s holding together just fine. No shave test yet...

    Gem Damaskeene, walking distance antique mall, came with a unopened bubble pack of Gem Blue Stars, so I’ll get to try those.

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  5. Nice find @Tanuki that's one I don't have yet.
  6. I'll chime in with my latest acquisition.

    Still new to the SE razor club coming from straight razors. I was under the impression that Made In England 1912's were significantly more rare than the ones Made In USA. Sadly, I didn't do my research and WAY OVERPAID for this one. Seller refused to refund me fully and so paying for international shipping both ways would have cost me the whole price of the razor :a31: Looks like I'll have to keep her.

    She's a beauty at least:

  7. Use or do they get added to the collection?
  8. That's what I was thinking, a little enjoyment.
  9. The MMOC on the right there is one of my all time favorite shavers. Good find my friend!
  10. This arrived last night! After losing an online auction rare DE, I figured it was probably for the better and it gave me an opportunity to acquire a couple injectors for marginally less then I would have paid for the DE. A Golden 500 and a E2? Schick injector await my return home this evening and this beauty showed up last night! it's a shame I'll have to wait until after the weekend to get a chance to clean her up. 20190530_222037.jpg 20190530_222105.jpg
  11. That's a Schick type a right? I really enjoy shaving with my type b. Good score.
  12. Thank you!

    Yessir it's a Type A. It's rounds out my set (so far) of repeaters!

  13. I'm joining the single edge club. I haven't bought a razor in a long time. Brushes and software are a different story, however. Lately, I've been looking at razors again and getting an itch to try something new. That itch will be scratched by the ATT SE2. On the way is an unused plate from BST, and a returned cap from ATT (with some Kai Milds to get free shipping). I will try it out with my Atlas and Kronos handles.
  14. Very nice sir. Those are the the ones I would like to get eventually. I have a good user grade Type B so a good deal on an A and C are always somwhere on my radar.

  15. Ron R

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    Very nice collection of oldie Goldies, they look to be in good condition for a added bonus.
    Enjoy, have some great shaves!
  16. Thank you, kind sir!

    That's a great looking set!
  17. Just got this guy. Correct me if I am wrong. 1914 Ever Ready. Any other info is appreciated.

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  18. No doubt that you got the wrong razor, you should sell it to me. LOL

    Thant baby is sweet.
  19. Thanks. Paid a bit for it but I liked the case. Most pics I have seen have a black box. Also havent seen many with this particular handle.

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