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I'm putting this thread back out for public view for a specific reason.

We often have folks who say things that others may disagree with. In this particular case, I happen to agree with the OP that Feather Blades are grossly over-rated, feel rough on the first shave, and are NOT worth the money.
That's my opinion, as was his. I've thoroughly re-read his original Feather thread, and there was nothing he said there that was out of line. Many members agreed with him.

Cut to today.

The thread started off a little edgy, but it was reviewed by the Mod Team and found not to be over the line.
What happened?

A member of many years with no prior issues is no longer a member because of his response to goading by a select few people here in this thread.

Despite our well known advice to just report an issue and not engage, that's exactly what happened.

Some were folks just trying to lighten the mood. A couple were not.
You read the thread and figure out who is who on your own.
If you think this is about you, it probably is, and maybe a little self introspection is due.
If you don't think it's about you, then it probably isn't.

We seem to have some folks who just happen to be right in the middle of everything when crap hits the fan.
If the Fire Department sees the same couple of people standing around watching every time a house burns down, they start to get a little suspicious and start to wonder if those folks might have had something to do with the fire.

For the benefit of all, and especially those who have been here long enough to know our policy and seem to just ignore it:

If there's an issue - Report it.
Don't engage with the member as it risks escalating the problem.

Just because you report an issue doesn't mean we feel that action is necessary at that moment, but it gets our eyes on it.
Just because we don't act on it doesn't mean you have authority to act in our stead.

At this point, the Fire Department is concerned that we have a couple of folks who always seem to be there when a fire breaks out.
Not open for further replies.
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