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2023 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of The Prisoner

Well folks this is a wrap for me, there won't be any shave tomorrow. 12 month of GRUME completed so was the GRUYERE as well and 11 out of 12 SOTM (darn you father's day shave on the wrong week end).

Today's shave, 2 days of growth

Decemboar : 16
2023 GRUYERE : 200

Razor : Merkur 34 HD C
Blade : Nacet (5)
Pre Shave : none
Soap (SOTM) : Proraso Blue
Brush : Semogue 1305
Aftershave: Osma Alum block , Stirling Soap Sharped Dressed Man splash, Nivea Sensitive moisturizer cream

Another great shave, that Nacet blade has delivered.
Last shave of the year, 34c, feather blade and Tabac shaving soap.

Well, one more successful year without any single shave related acquisition and I am still surprise how little dent the shave den has taken. When I switched to wet shaving around 8-9 years ago, it has pretty much gotten out of hand, hunting all the shaving soaps and creams out there which might perform better than what I already had, it was time for me to use what I have and joined these yearly restraints which I now completed successfully for several years.

It's been a great pleasure to stay with you in The Village. What an epic theme this has been! Thank you for setting up and hosting the event, Stan!

My congratulations go to all those who are still in! Well done, Gents! 😀


No one knows what 2024 will be like...

May 2024 be a year full of health, joy and contentment in every aspect of your life!

Be seeing you!
365 daily shaves
Lasta’s Blade Stash11/32

Timeless Ti95 SCLRK Stainless (3)FNX Barber
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Proraso Green preshave
Barrister + Mann Leviathan
Cold splash

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
(details here)
Quality / My process
EffectivenessComfort / Blade condition


Summary. I could have been more effective during this shave, but shaving with my Ti95 is always extremely pleasurable. Smooth, comfortable, effective - a great way to kick off Sunday and the last day of 2023!

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your shave and Happy New Year to all!

And congratulations to all who made it to the end! This Warder tips his hat to such determination and commitment!
It has been a privilege to be a warder to you successful prisoners. Congratulations to you, and high hopes that us warders will learn self control in 2024 :)

In the final analysis, who is the real prisoner? Are we all prisoners? Is there really any escape? Can it be that "All You Need Is Love?" Look out for Number 1.


Be seeing you!
Final shave of the year with the soap that knocked me out of the 2023 GRUYERE! Thank you @Guido75 for sending me a sample. Tabac is my favorite!
Happy New Year to all and look forward to following our shaving adventures in 2024!

Sunday December 31, 2023
Brush: Semogue SOC Mistura
Lather: Tabac
Razor: Henson AL13 Mild
Blade: Feather
Post: Tabac

#7, yeah, the one that shouldn't exist, final 2023 check in. Particularly difficult year for me as my favorite soap was destroyed sometime during this sabbatical. Only the frequent exercise of counting my current MWF stash kept me sane and strengthen my willpower. Congratulations to all, finalists or not. Happy New Year 2024! I will be reading about your next adventure.
Successful sabbatical, considering all the drama.
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