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2023 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of The Prisoner

Happy New Year and congratulations to all who made it.

I made it through without any purchases, contrary to expectations. I figured I would bow out on Black Friday or perhaps in a Boxing Day sale where I could save on restocking a thing or two that I am getting low on or would like to try. But none of what I wanted went on sale.

Apart from some blades, all I used up in 2023 was a puck of MWF. That was great while it lasted, but I had no temptation to hoard the last stock of tallow formula. I bought one puck years ago and had to air it for some years to dissipate some of the scent.

I sent a couple PMs yesterday and have one reply so that helps. Now down to two:


We'll see what the next couple days bring us. I really don't want to list any OUTs due to not hearing from anyone here at the end.

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