Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Mike H, Jan 7, 2015.

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    I think this is a great reminder of what the times were like back then. Shaving was done mostly at home and there was a palpable push towards modernization in all aspects of daily life. In our hobby this was epitomized by the Burma-Shave roadside ads of the day that frequently ridiculed "Grandpa's old-fashioned shaving brush."

    Brushless shaving cream was new, modern, sexy. The barbers could see it coming. Goo was right around the corner, God help us.:sob:
  2. I'm wondering if Rubberset contributed to "the plain glass mug, where mugs are used, has taken the lead over the china mug" because Rubberset knots would have been too large to fit in the brush compartment of a typical china scuttle, or in the opening of a typical china mug of the day that also held a half-round soap puck. Folks wouldn't have purchased Rubberset brushes if they wouldn't fit in the user's scuttle...
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    $2015-06-09 09.37.10.jpg
    $2015-06-09 09.38.08.jpg
    $2015-06-09 09.48.49.jpg
    $2015-06-09 09.38.29.jpg
    $2015-06-09 09.37.55.jpg

    The Patent for the box lid, #2,321,883 was granted on June 15, 1943 so that gives some proximity to the time this was first sold.

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  4. I saw that one listed - beautiful brush and glad you got it. Looks like a companion to my butterscotch 1000:
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    That's going to be a beautiful restoration. They look like cousins. :thumbup1:

  6. Found this one today

    Rubberset 300n (Feels like a boar even though it says nylon)


  7. Beautiful brush
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    $nylon brush paper 2.jpg

    $nylon brush paper 1.jpg
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  9. Just recieved from Nick at sport shaving... really happy with the results!

    I'm not well versed on these models and would appreciate any info from you good folks at B&B.

  10. A number 752 that I restored with a horse knot
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    Great job on the restoration. I haven't seen a Rubberset 752 before. Can you post a picture of the bottom?
  12. As you requested
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    Very cool!
  15. I went to your site and was surprised that the 752 was not listed.
    i found it at an antique store here in Colorado a few years ago.
    The original badger was in pretty bad shape, so I replaced it with a horse knot, as it looked the closest to the original badger knot. Plus I like the horse knot.
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    It's a great looking brush. I'm pleased to still be finding additional models. Rubberset was certainly a very prolific brush maker and it will be a long time before I feel I've gotten them all.
  17. $20150821163942.jpg $20150821164019.jpg
    Found this yesterday. Its marked 100. The 100 listed at OSSB don't show one with horse hair although it seems to match the one Jim shows here in an earlier post(except maybe the handle size, I suspect that is due to the pics and that they are the same). At first thought about a new knot but as it appears to be pre-1921 and in very good condition I think I should leave it alone.
    Also wondering if I should go back for the 200-2/4 that had the white part of the handle broken off? Would make an interesting hybrid project with a new knot and a home made handle.
    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    These brushes are an anomaly in that they don't say "sterilized" but are definitely post-1921. There is a picture in an early post in this thread of a similar model 89 that was restored. It's a good, functional brush.

    As far as the broken model 200 - these are made of celluloid and get very brittle over time. Once they start to break apart it's game over.
  19. A 203 in decent shape in today's finds.
    Should clean up nicely and be worthy of a new knot.
  20. I picked this one up at a local flea market. It's a B-10, I don't think I've seen one like it. I don't know if you can tell in by picture but it's pretty small. Any idea about how old it is?
    $20151120_130329.jpg $20151120_130437.jpg

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