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This to shall pass, I just can't say when because it hasn't happened for me yet either......:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

The problem is that there are great shaving razors in there that I haven't touched in a year! Oh, and I have another 17 in display cases and 7 more for travel. Not only do I continue chasing them, like an addict trying to relive his first high, but my taste becomes ever more expensive. Oh well. There are far worse things to do with one's time and money.

Henry, you've got a dazzling collection and the photography skills do it justice.


Did you give the Grelot a whirl this morning?

HOLY MOLY! that is fantastic!

it looks to me like each razor serves a vital function to shave quality and aesthetic, beautiful... i think i might be feeling that same RAD Resurgence you just mentioned :biggrin:

which razor is that?

Wowza! does the Confederate Swayback stand out among the crowd. is it a comfortable shaver?

The razor JonnyAngel referred to is a Kobar from his seven day set, on long loan :biggrin:.

I don't know how the Swayback shaves, I am having quite a time setting the bevel. Restoration lesson learned: don't sand edge to spine!
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