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How often do you rotate razors ?


Mr. Obvious
I rotate every day when I’m home. When I’m traveling for an extended period I bring two razors. My Slim Adjustable and one other. During boating season I stay on my boat 3 or 4 days per week. I use the Slim exclusively. I always have several blade and soap choices in my Dopp kit.
I typically shave twice and switch to something else. If I’m trying to learn a new razor, I’ll use it exclusively for a couple of weeks (I’m a daily shaver) to get it figured out. Typically for me 14 shaves is enough to determine if I’m going to like a new razor or not.

All the razors I use offer similar shaves/results so it’s easy to rotate through with no issues. New additions require a bit more time and attention.

I do find it difficult to use one razor more than one blade life (usually 4 shaves)….I like my favs so much I want to use them often.

Ron R

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When I was a Newbie learning wet shaving how to shave properly 7 years ago I tended to use a razor for a week or 2. Then rotate a razor is what I recommend a Newbie is to stay with one razor they enjoy and dial in your hand technique and then move on to another razor if you really want to.
My hand technique has matured a lot now and there is not a DE or SE razor even with lots aggression that would not give me much for issues because I know how to use them properly using Steep(riding the bar) or Shallow angle(riding the cap).
I do have a large razor collection and brush collection so I enjoy daily rotations and try to use a different one every day unless I bought a new razor and I like to test it out for a week usually.
I am convinced that regularly shaving with soft, gentle, error-tolerant razors, not only will not improve the technique, but will even create bad habits, which, when switching to a more aggressive razor, will lead to unfortunate consequences.
4-5 months ago, I started using the Muhle R41 GS with the mindset that I have experience and know how to handle it. It turned out that it wasn't quite like that. The truth is, I haven't had any serious problems, but still, the shave is very different from any other razor.
This provoked me to use only the R41 GS. So, after 4-5 months of regular use, after each subsequent shave, I could see my technique improving, the shave becoming more and more precise, I quickly and easily achieved a flawless BBS lasting at least 12 hours, and often up to 20 hours . I started feeling the alum less and less, like the last few shaves, there was almost no sensation, and to the touch, the skin feels marble smooth with no irritation whatsoever.
I am now calm and can confidently say that I can shave with one of the most aggressive razors, get the best shave that can be obtained from a "safe razor", without any unwanted consequences.
I even think that my next shave will be with a different razor, at least for a while, before I go back to the R41 GS.


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14 Razors. The vast majority fall into reasonably mild and little attention or adjustments need be made so I'll rotate on a whim. The Micromatic still eludes me, but I rotate it in on a weekend when there is time to spend being attentive. One Feather AC, less elusive than the Gems, but still only used on a weekend with ample time. 2 straights, once a every couple months or so, but when I retire I'm dedicating some real time to them. That's a decade away though.
I tend to rotate pretty frequently. I really only have 3-4 razors that I use regularly and they all shave similarly enough that I can switch between them without too much hassle. Every so often, I will grab a different razor that I don't get along quite as well with to try it out, but then I'll return to my usuals.
I have 15 razors, divided into 3 subsets:
1) 6 DE Safety Razors
2) 6 Vintage Gillette Super Speeds
3) 3 SE Safety Razors

So I rotate between the 3 subsets. One day, I'll shave with a vintage Gillette. The next, one of my 3 SE razors and the next, one of my modern DE razors. Maybe the next day I'll choose another modern DE, then another vintage Gillette the next, etc. I literally never shave with the same razor on two consecutive days and haven't since I only had one razor, my first, the Van Der Hagen TTO (which I still own and it's a highly underrated razor).
I don't have any hard and fast rules. I sort of go by inspiration or feel, although I usually shave with a Gillette Super Speed on Sunday mornings as a tribute to those who came before us and a my affection for the 1950's. Other than that, it's pretty much a crapshoot from day to day!
I use a razor for about a week typically. If it’s a new one then I may use it longer to get used to it and compare against others to see if it makes the cut or gets booted. I currently have 20 safety razors in my collection which is a high point.
With DE, I go 5-6 shaves, toss the blade, clean the razor, and choose a new razor/blade combination for the next run of 5-6 shaves.

Besides that, I may mix in a shavette when the mood strikes me.
I switch DEs (all SB) at every blade change, three shaves/ blade:

Lupo .58
Gamechanger .84
Yates 921 H
Lupo .72
Karve Overlander (Brass)
Lambda Athena (Bronze)
It is unusual for me to use the same razor two shaves in a row. I am currently endeavoring to use my Vikings Blade Emperor for 15 shaves in a row. Today was shave one.
Usually every shave , however if I am on a learning Curve I stick with the same Razor for at least 5 shaves in order to develop some muscle memory about angle/pressure
Recently I have started using my new Muhle r41 , So my last 3 shaves have been with that . once I am confident I wont decapitate myself with it , It will go into the rotation ( with a sign on my shaving mirror that says "APPLY NO PRESSURE" that I will put there everytime I shave with it !!!
Every 6-8 months I try one of the razors in my storage box.

I use it one or twice, put it back and then go back to my default.
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Wizamet (2)
I used the same razor, EJ DE89 for almost a year. Learning technique and experimenting with blade samplers. Now after three shaves, I toss the blade and switch razors.
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