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I'm from Madrid, Spain
I am quite old and have spent 35 years shaving with an electric razor, 12 years with a beard and since last summer with traditional shaving.
I am very very happy to have discovered at my age the benefits of soaps, brushes, after shaves and double-edged, mono-edged and straight razors, which I use in rotation.
I hope to learn a lot from you and if I can humbly contribute something from my experience I will try to do so.
An affectionate greeting to all the users of this great forum.

Mr. Shavington

Knows Hot Turkish Toilets
Welcome indeed! There are great shaving vendors in Spain and some excellent products made there too. Would love to hear more about what else is popular there and any items you’d recommend that we try.

Also Madrid is one of my favourite cities in the world. You are fortunate to live there.
Welcome to B&B!

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