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Lupo 127 smooth and aggressive, highly recommended

have always liked aggressive razors (not all some are way to harsh) and the feel of a blade. I will list some of the razors in my daily rotation, CG series 1 L3 DC, Wolfman 96 DC, Razorock Jaws, Asylum Rx v2 (pro-blade), British Streamline (Gem), Gillette Old Style 1918 Army J series. BBS1 with a shim, Gibs 15 modified (I put in blade taps to hold the blade in place). For most of my razors I usually change out the handles for ones that give me a better balance, and the blades I use are Polsilver (Russian and Polish), Wizamet Super Iridium, London Bridge.

You don’t have to spend a car payment to get a beautiful razor. The Lupo 127 is a good example of this. I received an email from Italian Barber about the Lupo 127. I use Jaws and wanted to add another razor to my rotation, so I purchased the 127 and was delighted in the shave to the point that I have added the Lupo 127 to my rotation.

I shave in 4 different directions for a BBS, the 127 was efficient in all directions to where the feedback was almost nonexistent. I have found this razor to be a very smooth aggressive razor, leaving me with no irritation or weepers (I will only get weepers when I pay no attention or when I forget to close down the head). To get the balance I wanted I paired the head with a Stork SS Darwin 90, which gives me excellent balance and wonderful aesthetics, as well as a good grip as I rotate the handle in my wet hand as I shave. For me this is a beautiful shaver and would recommend it to anyone that likes aggressive razors.


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Happy the 127 is working out for you, it would be too aggressive for me as the .95 SB was super smooth but left my face burning. Beautiful razor though.
This evening, I used my Lupo 127 for the second time with a Gillette 7 o'clock blade and some P.160 soap. I had about a week of growth on my head and face.

The Lupo 127 performed wonderfully. A two-pass shave was smooth, assertive, and irritation-free. I highly reccomend.

I normally use the Lupo 95 OC. I will work the 127 in to my rotation. If Razorock comes out with a 127 OC, I’d buy that too (hint hint).

Stay thirsty my friends!
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It arrived today along with a handle and some soap. I had almost a week of growth and I didn't have to make multiple passes. The soap performed like an average generic type, but has a funky smell. It was cheap and allowed me to get the free shipping. The handle is hollowed stainless. Only issue I had was the gunk inside the threads. I took a q-tip and alcohol to it and got it cleaned out.

After loving my Lupo 95 I broke down and got a Lupo 127 baseplate. I just had my fourth shave in a row with the 127 loaded with a second use feather blade, WTG & ATG (minor touch up on the jaw line but really not needed). The shave was very efficient and smooth. Im very happy with the quality of shave i got from the two passes. I found the 127 a tad bit much for a three pass daily shaver and if I'm doing three passes I would go with my Lupo 95 but the 127 really shines at two passes for me. Definitely a keeper at this point.
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