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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

British Ever-Ready SE
British Ever-Ready SE
Gillette NEW Short Comb
Gillette NEW De Luxe Chromium
Gillette NEW De Luxe Chromium
Razorock German 37 Slant win Astra SP
Ever-Ready 1912 with Gem stainless steel blade (twice)
Bail TTO with Feather - just because that’s the razor I started with. Mainly sits in its box now.
Parker Variant with Feather - ah, that’s what the perfect shave feels like...
Just bought a Maggard V3A because I want to try something more aggressive. So that’s going to be the next shave.
Oct 18th- Schick easy rider L theme series-Mfg 1969 Schick L Easy rider MFG 1969 (2).jpg

Oct 19th - Valet Auto-strop C1 type- MFG 1920's Valet Auto-stop C 1, MFG 1920's- .011 original gap clearance to a .007 blade gap (2).jpg

Oct 20th - Schick Canadian E2 -MFG 1930's Schick E2 1937Pat (2).jpg

Oct 21 -Gem Micromatic open comb- MFG 1930-41 Gem Micromatic open comb 1932-41(2).jpg

Oct 22 - Stick Schick injector L theme series -MFG 1973 Stick Schick L 1973(2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
My last 5 shaves have been with the same razor as it is smooth and efficient for daily use:

Charcoal Goods Level2 (Brass) w 3.5" handle using Personna Red DE blade


My last 5 razors:
Gillette #58 with Personna Lab Blue
Gillette TV Special with Personna Lab Blue
Fatip Piccolo with a Crystal (really a Frankenrazor using the Fatip open comb base plate, a Yaqi DOC top plate and a Weber handle)
Rollerblade with a Crystal (same set up as the above Frankenrazor, only using the Rollerblade base plate instead of the Fatip base)
Gem MM Clog Pruf solid bar with a Personna blade.
All 5 provided outstanding shaves.
Merkur 34C
Maggard Razors Slant Head with MR11 handle
Wetshavingclub.com Vintage Style razor with the MR11 handle
Wetshavingclub.com Vintage Style razor with their handle
Wilkinson Sword TTO metal


RazoRock Lupo, MR11 Handle
Timeless Aluminum
Karve Brass SB-C Plate
Gillette Hybrid Tech, MR11 Handle
RazoRock GC .68, MR11 Handle
RazoRock GC .68, MR11 Handle
Nothing but Charcoal Goods L2 OC for the last couple of years or so.

Only razor I have that I enjoy as much as the Charcoal Goods is my ‘41 Ranger Tech. I’ve only shaved with it twice and I’m not sure it was ever used before I got my hands on it.