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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?


Gents, I switch razors almost daily and have started mapping which razors I use. Going to be fun to see after a year which ones I actually use the most and which ones maybe could be sold because they don’t see any use at all...

Is this really OCD or do you do that too? - And which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

I’ll go first:
Gillette Aristocrat 3rd generation
Gillette Hybrid Tech
Eclipse Red Ring
Darwin Original
Gillette Aristocrat 1st generation

Looking forward to see your preferences :)
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Last five shaves have been:

Gillette NEW Short Comb
1908 Gillette Signature Single Ring
Gillette NEW Short Comb
1956 Gillette Blue Tip
Gillette NEW Short Comb


Vector every shave (Head)
"New" SC
Brit Red tip
Brit Rocket (flair)
Vector, face and head


Last week I mixed in with the Vector:
Fat Boy
New SC
BB 109 adj.

The adjustable razors were in the rotation to be interviewed as to whether or not they should stay in the den or find a new home. They no longer get much attention.
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R41 baseplate with large aluminium handle, Yintal brass top cap.

Trying out Astra SP, Yellow, Nacet and GSB blades. Astra is better than I expected in the R41 - very close shaves. The others are excellent too.

It's Hedley

I must be OCD because I have been doing this since the day I started down the old rabbit hole. I am getting settled on a dozen razors, so it is getting easier to narrow down to five. These are not necessarily my preference, just the last 5 to be used in rotation. Next week likely a different 5 as I have 3 new additions to test.

Gillette 1934 US Aristocrat OC
Gillette Hybrid Tech
Wolfman WR2 SB 1.05
Charcoal Goods Level 2 SB Antique Brass
Gillette Brit Aristocrat #15 SB (2nd generation)

Nice new avatar Peter.


Last 4 shaves with Wolfman WR1 (daily driver).
Tomorrow Lord L6 (as I will be traveling).


I generally use the same razor for the entire blade life (3-5 shaves for me). But my last 5 razors (paired with blades) were:
Gillette American Aristocrat 1940's style TTO w/ Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow
Gillette Super 109 1969 w/ Dorco Premium
Gillette English Rocket HD w/ Bolzano Superinox
Gillette Milord 1946 w/ Wilkinson German
Razorock GC .84 w/ Wilkinson German
(separate blades for the Milord and GC)
This takes me to the beginning of August.
I use the Shave Buddy app so I track which razors get the most use and which sit empty. I can tell you the 5 razors that get the most use are
Maggard V3
Asylum Evolution
Gillette Ranger Tech (1941)
Fatip Piccolo (MK2)
Gillette Aristocrat (the one from above).
Blackland Polished Dart
Blackland Brass Blackbird Safety Bar, Long Handle
Blackland Brass Blackbird Safety Bar, Long Handle
Blackland Oxide Blackbird Safety Bar, Short Handle
Rex Ambassador
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