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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

Yaqi OC
Yaqi OC
Yaqi Mellon
Yintal Bronze
Strong Leopard shavette
5. Razorock Lupo
4. Razorock SS Lupo & Razorock Lupo
3. Charcoal Goods lvl-2 OC
2. GEM Featherweight
1. Masamune OC
Fatboy Fatboy Fatboy...last 18 shaves. Recently discovered it thanks to trade with a fellow B&B member. Soooo nice, so nice to finally be able to dial in as mild as suits my fancy. It's giving my British Aristocrat some real competition for attention!
Stick Schick injector-MFG 1973 Stick Schick L 1973(2).jpg

Gillette Canadian version New long open comb-MFG 1930's Gillette Canadian1930's long comb (2).jpg

Razorock Game changer .84 -Mfg 2018 Razorock Game change .84 2018 (2).jpg

Schick i2 Hydro-magic injector -Mfg 1954-57 Schick i2 Mfg 1954-57 (2).jpg

Gem Damaskeene open comb-MFG 1912-15 GEM Damaskeene OC 1912-15(2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
I don’t rotate razors anymore. My choice of a Mühle R41 is just fine for daily shaves or once a week shaves. Paired with Astra blades and Tabac soap, every shave, no matter what I ask of it, is smooth and comfortable.
Gillette NEW De Luxe Norfolk
Gillette Big Boy Chromium De Luxe
1921 Gillette Bulldog
Grand Shave King
1941 Gillette Ranger Tech