Oneblade, a most unnatural razor

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    Due to the great kindness of a member here I got a Oneblade V1 to try. He also included a pack of feather blades.

    Reading the reviews here are one thing but holding it is another.


    The razor is solid. It is heavy and feels like a well make tool. I loaded the Feather blade in and it clicked into place. I have never used on of these blades before and am puzzled by the sticky spots, what is up with that?

    The shave, we'll the shave. It is the most unnatural thing in the world. Press the head against the face until the hinge is engaged. Yes I said press! After 4 years of of wet shaving I have taught myself not to press but press I did. Seeing the skin deform under the razor gave me the Willies! To keep up the pressure one has to do long strokes. I rode the raor from the top of the cheek to the bottom of the neck in one long stroke. One again going against the shorter strokes I have done for 4 years.
    The razor is quiet and didn't feel the blade at all. With every instinct in my body being ignored the whiskers disappeared.
    It works the darn thing works!
  1. BigFoot

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    I want to try one John, but that whole pressing thing freaks me out.
  2. It is freaky for sure!
  3. I sold my Core v2. Just wasn't any fun.

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  4. The problem is that my face feels amazing. The very bottom of my neck is very sensitive and grows opposite from the rest of my neck. Most razors leave some irritation there but the Oneblade left nothing but smooth skin!
  5. I can see the appeal for those for whom irritation is a problem, it's not for me. It was also way too much work for my head shave.

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  6. Having owned (and returned) both versions of the Core and testing a OB original at the beginning of SEptember, I found v2 Core to be very comfortable and efficient, but extremely mindless and boring. There was no challenge or enjoyment in shaving, which I valued very much. The OB original had heft like a real razor and was more well balanced than the Cores. One thing I found out was that pressing the top of the head to your face to activate the spring was not necessary with the OB original. The weight of the head would naturally do it and you could use no pressure. The longer stroke thing I thought was a good thing because it was a style I was familiar with when using a straight or a lather catcher. I am still on the fence about getting a OB mostly because of the expense. If they came out with a metal version for about $200, I would definitely jump on that because it does give a good shave.
  7. The wax dots keep the blade from moving inside the paper and dulling the edge.
  8. Well it does that in spades! I could stick the blade to the wall to let it air dry when I'm done!
  9. True, it is quite a lot of wax!
  10. All I can say is that it gives a great, effortless shave. You can fuss about the price or taking the fun out of shaving or the type of blade it uses, but you can't complain about the shave.

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  12. jar_

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    I too find the Core version2 razor unsettling but did not find it all that efficient. That could very well be a technique issue so a couple more shaves will help determine if it is me or the razor.
  13. Second shave is in the books.

    Basically the same as yesterday except I was more at ease going against my instincts and muscle memory. Three passes and got a great shave. The razor does what it is intended to do and it does it well.
    The weight and quality let's me know I am shaving with a very luxury item. I imagine that this is how the upper elite shave. I could imagine a martini by the sink, a violinist played soothing music in the background while James brought the Rolls-Royce around front to take me to the country club for brunch (this is what the rich and powerful do right?).

    This doesn't feel like a working man's razor.
  14. Nice review. It's an interesting razor.
    Does the shape of the handle limit how you can comfortably hold it?
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    Just be uber careful about the whole "pressing" thing when you next pick up a straight.
  16. Good point
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    IMG_3747.JPG I had the OB V1 and now have the V2 and I like the OB Genesis V2 more because it's a little more efficient for one thing. You don't have to use as much pressure and I'm a big users of the short stoke method which with the V2 I can use and be BBS smooth in 2 1/2 passes and the the only razor in my den along with my Schick O Ring clone that I can go north, south, east it west across my neck and especially my Adams Apple with no worries of a weeper or irritation.

    People can say what they want about it but in the end it's a high quality tool that delivers a great shave and I use it more when I'm in a hurry. I use my more traditional new and vintage DE and SE razors when I want to take my time with my shave. OB also offers great customer service. I use both the feather and modified Gem blades in mine. I also think it looks cool in a modern sort of way.
  18. I think I have been more than fair in my assessment. I'll be doing a third shave later today.
    I thought that the Gems won't work in the V2.
  19. jar_

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    I haven't tried one of my GEM blades in it yet. I'll give that a try and see if it helps.

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