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Using both edges of the DE blade

My experience is : ½-blade + ½-blade > DE-blade
The sum of shaves I get from two halfblades is bigger than from full DE-blade.
approximately 12 + 12 > 15 shaves.
I don't know why the longer blade life ...
I tend to make a stroke, turn to the other side of the razor, make a stroke. Rinse. I do this until the end of the shave. I dunno if it matters or not. I have noticed times where I one side shaves better than the other and stick with it, but I tend to discard the blade after that shave since they are cheap and life is too short to live with the added irritation of a bad shave.
So is there any standard way of dealing with this (a routine or habit to get into)..
As a matter of routine, I use both edges and then spin it 180 degrees after a rinse so eventually you get even wear on both edges; on a balance of probability. I have not noticed one edge wearing quicker than the other with this method. I also clean and flip the blade after every shave so I get the use of all 4 bevels, so I get maximum use of the coatings too.
An Astra SP gets about 2 weeks of daily shaves and a Gillette Silver Blue gets about 4 weeks of daily shaves; all shaves 3 passes.
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Shave, flip, shave and rinse for me.
In this old Gillette video, it suggests using one edge one day, and then the other edge the next day, using the single/double lines on the tabs to tell the difference. No idea if this was the intended purpose when they designed the DE blade (maybe it makes more of a difference with carbon steel blades if they wear quicker than stainless), or how many people used this method back in the day, I'm presuming people have used both techniques since the DE was invented.
I use one edge per section of my face i.e. "one cheek and flip, half under my jawline and flip" rinsing as needed. I don't pay attention to how I put the razor down while rinsing or storage.

Most of my razors are vintage and have some defined marking or wear so I know which side is which. I really only pay attention when I have a blade with a dulled edge and I am trying to finish the shave on the good edge before I toss the blade.
Wow. Good questions.
I did not realize DE users have this issue also, if you want to call it an issue. Am I getting max use out of my blade?

I am an SE user.
This is how I get the most use out of my blade. This is not science based so it may just be in my head. This is automatic. It has become unconscious.

I am a daily shaver. When shaving I shave both face and head.

I use a GEM PTFE blade. I quickly palm strop both sides of it, before shaving. One side of the blade says GEM. I use that side for my face. The other side of the blade says stainless. I use that side for my head.

I am thinking both sides of a DE blade also have distinct markings. My blade use is the same as many of yours, resulting in the same nice smooth, comfortable shave.

After each shave I clean the blade off with a little brush and water. I spray each side twice with alcohol. This is the same as many DE users. I let it sit for a bit. I wipe it dry and store it in a small plastic container until next use. I toss after 3-5 shaves depending on how the blade continues to shave, again just like many DE users.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
My habit is to shave with one side of the blade until it needs rinsing, then pivot the razor around so I'm using the unused side. Once it's "full", I give it a rinse.


As far as knowing which side of the razor I used last on my previous shave, I've never kept track of that. I just endeavor to use them equally during each shave.
This is what I do.

Do I use each side of the blade exactly the same amount? Nope. Do I care? Nope. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Do what makes you happy. I pay a little over a penny per pass with most blades (more with a Feather as it's an expensive blade with poor longevity for me), and I just can't get excited about the financial side of this. On the other hand, doing something well is its own reward, and if you feel like developing a system that keeps better track that could be the bee's knees for you.
First off I shave downward on my cheeks to my jawline and base of my neck to the jawline. I shave my right side, then left side, then middle. On my right side I use one side of the razor to do the cheek, I don't have to flip the razor because going from the base of the neck to the jawline uses the other side of the razor. I then rinse, do the left the same, rinse, then the center chin and neck since I rarely shave my mustache area. The blade seem to get evenly used. The blade gets changed when it starts to pull which varies from 3 to 6 shaves.
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