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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Sep 11, 2017.

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    :thumbsup: True. The Feather is great on the 1st and 2nd. But it's pretty much done after that. The GEM gets into its grove after the 2nd or 3rd and continues for quite a bit....
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    My sentiments exactly Gus!
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    Good write!
  4. Fifth shave this morning and the second with the Gem blade.

    I'm still liking this razor. It has heft but not heavy (unlike my Brass General). I don't know what it actually weights but it just feels just right. It may be that it is just balanced just right. Whatever it is it feels just right. One thing I did notice was that the handle got a little slippery as some lather drooled down off of the head. Something to watch in future shaves.

    The Gem blade has smoothed out nicely. I imagine that it will just get better as is normal for the Gem. I usually get at least 12 shaves from a Gem (I won't be keeping this razor that long though). Would it be worth it to modify a Gem for the V1 in the long run. I'm not sure as I destroyed 3 blades getting the mod right. I'm sure I would get better and would probably get a better tool for the job but then this is defeating the cost saving bonus of the Gem.

    Also the Gem isn't as smooth as the Feather. It isn't bad by all means but the feather has a softer feel. Another thing is that the Gem is louder than the feather. Not sure if this is just because of the blade or because the blade doesn't lock in the same as the Feather. The feather blade locks in really well, it actually is a little difficult to get out because it holds so well, while the Gem pulls out easily.
  5. This is my 6th and final shave with the OneBlade V1 with a Gem blade.

    Things have become routine so I don't have much to add. The blade has come into it's own and I imagine that the blade will preform the same for the next 10 shaves or so. With that said the Gems aren't as smooth as the feather Blade.

    Also I got a little irritation on the lower part of my neck and one tiny weeper. So those who say it is impossible to nick yourself with this razor are wrong. This razor lulls you into a thoughtless shave and I paid a small price for it.

    I'll post my final thoughts later on.
  6. Final thoughts:

    Been trying to digest my experience with the OneBlade V1. It is really so different than what my other razors are that it doesn't seem right to compare them. It is very much an apples/oranges type of thing.

    It might help if I start backwards:
    After the Shave:
    The after feel is great. The razor shaves close without irritating. I did a 3 pass and was left with DFS every time. This was 3 passes without really trying, no buffing,no changing angles, just 3 simple passes. So if this was just about the smooth close shave then this razor is a winner.

    The shave:
    The actual shaving process. It is very simple, just place the head on the face and push until the pivot engages. After the head is in place (no need to find the angle) just long strokes. Instead of keeping the head angle that can be difficult for some people to keep constant, all you have to do is keep the pressure close to constant and the razor does the rest. If you have shaved with a modern cartage razor then the Oneblade will give you a familiar feel.
    The razor is mildly efficient. For me 3 passes were needed. I couldn't get away with 2 passes.

    The pre shave:
    The razor is quality through and through. It had a great heft. It is really beautifully designed. I said in a previous post that it gives me that Star Trek vibe. Very modern and sleek. One thing I likes is that it doesn't look like any other razor. It seems like so many of the new razors out there look alike. Here is an analogy: The market today feels like walking in a parking lot. All the cars look the same! A sea of silver, white or black cars. On it's own most cars looks nice but when put together the homologous lack of originality is obvious. Imagine a Alfa Romeo 4C parked in the same lot. I think the Oneblade sticks out in the same way.
    Loading the Feather blade was easy. Just slide it in until it snaps into place. The blade lock in nice and firm. No blade alignment issues, no figitting around, just push it in until it locks.

    So at the end of the day I have to ask myself if I want one. Did the OneBlade give me that "I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW!" feeling? You know what I mean right. I have had that feeling over many razors which have lead me to scouring Ebay from every country looking for one. Did the OneBlade do that for me? No it didn't. Why you might ask? Good question to which I'll explain:

    Even though it does what is does so well, the experience is so different then what I enjoy about shaving. I like the process that I have found in shaving. Of finding and keeping the right angle. Of knowing that I got a great shave because I did everything right or even knowing that if I messed up it was because I messed up and will try again in about 12 hours.
    Bear with me for a second here, when I take the family out for Chinese food I always use chopsticks, even when I eat the rice. I like that challenge of picking up the slippery mushrooms, of scooping up the rice and delivering them to my mouth. My wife thinks I'm crazy. She says that there is a reason that forks were invented. With a fork a mushroom isn't at risk of flying across the room and a whole mouthful of rice can be enjoyed instead of a few grain at a time. You see the Oneblade is a fork.

    I have to be honest though if the price was right I wouldn't mind having one around. It is an enjoyable razor that works well. I have a RX which is my most expensive modern razor and I would gladly trade it for the OneBlade. The RX sits in box and really never comes out. I don't enjoy it at all (if I can revisit the Chinese restaurant again the RX is like eating rice with whisk).

    I am very thankful to have had the chance to try a razor that is way outside of my social status. To the loaner I am very grateful and I thank you for your generosity.
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    Excellent write up!
    Now that you've had one in your possession and shaved with it for a week you can probably relate to this.
    There is a difference between the V1 and V2. The main two differences are that not as much pressure is needed and for some none. Oneblade stresses this with the V2 in my talks with them and having owned both versions ( only have the V2 now) I can confirm that. It's also just a little more efficient than the V1 but that little bit more efficiency can get you to a BBS in 3 passes using the correct technique. I will say it is nice having one in the den and it will stay there But if I had to lay out $400 or in my case having the Gunmetal finish $500 I would not pay that much for it as I'd rather put my money in let's say a vintage Aristocrat or Toggle with a couple of Gem's thrown in. I was very lucky in my acquisition of both my Genesis razors so I have no regrets whatsoever and enjoy it for what it is as you explained earlier. A good shaving razor with its own unique DNA.

    Also thank you for the honest reviews!
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    Long long ago and in a land far far away the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Annual Meeting was held in Detroit. The Keynote Speaker was the VP Of GM Styling and Design. As he began his talk (after his staff brought in the big type copy of the speach and the new podium and the various props) someone handed him a note which he read. "For the owner of the red Alfa Romeo. You left your lights on."
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    Good stuff @imatabor. That's about an honest review as I've read quite frankly. Very well put and pretty much on point. I don't use mine as much, but I purchased it out of sheer curiosity and heavily discounted at the time. It's a fine razor to be truthful. Would I purchase another, a V2 or other updated version. No, I would not. The variances from what I have read from the V1 to V2 are split practically 50/50. The first iteration was already easy and efficient to use. The V2 version offers very little in advancement to merit in purchasing it let alone a price hike of $100. The unobtanium finishes are marvelous, just not reason enough for me to make a second acquisition. Let's be honest here, the V1 and V2 will still give most gents a relatively carefree shave that is close, smooth and comfortable. Overpriced? Yes. To others it's worth every penny. I have no issues with it but, to each their own.
  10. Nice review, @imatabor and good "final thoughts".
  11. I would love to see an aluminum one (the alloy that Ikon uses would be perfect) for just over $100. I have never held the Core but I think it would miss on the cool factor not being metal.

    I also think that Oneblade missed out not making this compatible with the Gem blade. The feather blade is great for 2 shaves and that is it. The argument that the razor is an investment doesn't hold because you are locked into a more expensive blade for the life of the razor. I couls see Oneblade doing this if it was their proprietary blade but it isn't. Does Oneblade get a kickback (I doubt it.)
  12. Any razor that needs a special blade (with minimal, if any, variety), or modifications made to a blade, etc. are a major turn-off for me. There are too many non-fussy alternatives, IMO.

    Since this razor requires that you press it to your face to shave, do you think that it would increase chances of ingrown hairs? I'm particularly prone to them on my neck, and I'm thinking that the method of use for the Oneblade would not be good for my skin.
  13. I really don't understand why they locked themselves into the Feather blade. They could have just as easily allowed the feather and an unspined Gem (or made the razor to accept a regular Gem). Having blade options seems like a better business model.

    I don't get ingrown hairs but I do have a very sensitive spot on my neck that most razors leave a red spot of irritation. The OneBlade doesn't irritate it at all so I'm guessing that the risk of ingrowns would be lower as well.
  14. Hmm, interesting. Thanks.
  15. Rather than looking at it like “they’ve locked themselves into the FHS-10 for business and/or arbitrary reasons”, consider that they could have just made a decision to optimise their entire design (head geometry etc) around the specific characteristics of a single blade type. That way, they can get the most performance possible out of that blade.
  16. I have the OneBlade Core. Zero ingrowns from using it and a great razor to use after a rough shave (ummm.....R41) if you are a daily shaver like me.
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    I don't get ingrown hairs, irritation or red bumps from the Genesis but I have gotten them with other razors so if anything if your prone to those issues the Genesis would actually be better than most.
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    In my talks with OB they will in the future come out with a middle of the road priced model and Aluminum was mentioned as well as Titanium. But from what I was told their next release will be colored versions of the V2 Core and at the time they were trying to decide on what colors they were going to go with other than Pink which they are obviously targeting the ever growing women's wet shaving community with the Pink one.
    I also know that they are very open minded company and they are always trying to improve on their products. If enough people send in requests for such things as blade options, less expensive models etc they will listen. FYI their customer service is great!
  19. Thanks for the write up John :thumbsup:

    I have to admit it looks rather interesting.
  20. I'd love to see a stainless one that takes a regular GEM blade, without needing to despine or modify. I have the Genesis V1 and V2 models. I use the V1 strictly for despined GEMs and the V2 strictly for Feathers. My fear is if the V1 somehow breaks they would replace it with a V2 and there goes GEM blades without modification. I get more comfortable shaves with the GEM.

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