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Parker Adjustable Injector

I had never tried injector blades/razor previously, so when I recently came across the Parker Adjustable Injector (v3) I figured it could be a good one to try given the adjustability and a very reasonable price of around $45.
It's made of pressed sheet metal, with some plastic on the handle. It certainly doesn't look or feel premium, but to be fair neither is the price. The settings knob is firm, absolutely no chance of accidentally changing it during the shave. It stops at 5 (no overclocking).



I have used it 5 times now with the supplied Parker blades, on settings 2, 2.5, 3, 3, 2.5, in that order.
The angle is more shallow than on a DE and SEs which take snapped DEs (I own a few), it takes a few strokes to get the hang of it.

From the very first shave, even the first strokes after finding the angle, I was amazed just how smooth the razor and blades are. The rigidity of the thicker blades is very noticeable. It feels extremely safe to use, almost like a cartridge, so much that on my 3rd shave (setting 3) I got careless and got a small cut under my chin simply because I was wielding it like there was no blade in it, that's how harmless it feels.

The supplied Parker blades (pack of 20) are great, sharp and very smooth, though it's still an unknown how many shaves a blade will last. But I like them enough that I ordered another 120 of them - I thought it was 60 when I placed the order but discovered it was actually 120 when when I received them, so I'm set for years.

Today I used it on 3 days of growth, and like previous shaves it was a top notch experience. Zero tugging or harshness, no problem at all going through that growth. No irritation. On setting 3 there is the slightest blade feel, but even so it feels different than a DE blade. On 2.5 there is no blade feel at all, yet it easily takes down the growth. I probably won't ever venture above the 3 mark, it's plenty for me. 2.5 is my preferred setting at this point.

I also bought the Parker SoloEdge shortly ago and have used it once. Unfortunately I was not as impressed by it, this Parker injector to me is significantly smoother/sharper, and it was partly against this that I compared the SoloEdge on my first and only use of it, as I discovered the injector only about 1.5 months ago: I was *hoping* that the SoloEdge would be similar (in smoothness and efficiency) to it, but there is noticeable difference in favor of this injector. Even though I had 4 days of growth with the SoloEdge, 3 days is close enough for relevant comparisons I think; whereas the SoloEdge struggled and felt a bit tuggy, the injector doesn't even blink. On setting 2.5 the shave is a bit closer than I got with the SoloEdge.

Overall this razor is highly recommended, it's probably the smoothest razor I own. And at this price point this there is little reason not to try an injector.
I'd very much like to, but there are so many different models and I don't know anything about them.
Then there's the matter of obtaining one in fully working condition.
Like you the Parker adjustable was my first injector razor. I even have the version one. It’s a great place to start and still in my rotation. I was so impressed with the injector system that I bought one of the vintage Schick M3 adjustables. I have to say I like it even more. I am glad you like the blades that came with the Parker as they are such such a good bargain. Honestly I could not use them. And regularly use the Schick from China and supply company blacks from Japan.
I've heard good things about the Schick blades, I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually :)
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