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Stando Prowe 2 open Comb Razor review

Prowe 2 Open comb, single broken half blade or barbers half blade. Blades used, Feather,RK,Nacet,Persona,Gillette Platinum

For whom might this razor be for? If you want step above medium aggression and like to shave infrequently...3-4 days of growth, this razor is good, long stable strokes can take of much growth with the grain passes...

The edge to edge portion of the blade gap is exposed, so if you use the wrong angle or too much of a side angle, you indeed get cut. Do you enjoy "riding the top cap" yes? Probably a razor for you.

Packaging and presentation are very pretty if you value that in your hobby. I don't care about boxes. It came with 5 Gillette Platinum blades which worked very well.

Do you like extra blade feel? Check this does it. For passionate shaver who is into lather rituals and careful slow methodical shaving this razor is a scalpel, not a toy...cuts very close on the first pass.

Hand feel is handle heavy, not unbalanced bot perhaps a touch bottom heavy, I have large thumbs and chunky handles, I believe the handle is a 90mm or you can ask for longer if you send a message via etsy.

Sorry not sure how to scale it down to a smaller photo, but I wanted ya'll to see the blade exposures and Altoids tin to scale. Razor can mow down the lawn of heavy growth, lather doesn't load up too much...heavy beard growth will sometimes get extra stubble under the blade, you don't need to undo the blade during the shave, but post shave its a good idea. There are little bumps on the top cap that fix the half blades down. Another youtube reviewer suggested cutting the blades with scissors or snips to make a perfectly flat cut, this does make the blade more flat and flush but breaking blades in half isn't really a problem for me...

I love the handle design on this one, you can order it for other razors its a solid heavier handle with great grip and character. Cost me 156$ USD was delivered to the states in under two weeks. Stando is a good man with nice handmade razors which differ from others.

I love mine! I prefer the longer handles, and the reverse knurling was a pleasant surprise- grippy, but smooth.
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