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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Tested and desplined GEM blades will not work in the V2 Core.
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    That was an excellent write up. I was just adding to it with my experience with both versions.
    The Gems work you just have to de-spine them and I use a hole punch to take a half moon notch out and they fit fine. But I will add it's a PITA so I wish some other blade company makes a blade for the razor so we can have some choice. Other than that I really like it especially in the Gunmetal finish.
  3. As discussed in another thread KAI makes a Valet compatible carbon steel blade in two thicknesses, sold in packs of 50 blades. I ordered from Japan but listed on ebay too, though more expensive via ebay at the time. Currently one ebay seller has two 50 packs, thin and thick packs, for $20.90 + $10 shipping. About as cheap as my buy. Do a search for "Kai best blades".
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    Wow thank you for the info...I was unaware of this.. any feedback on how they work? Which of the two works on the Genesis V2 thick or thin?
  5. Here is the KAI blades thread link.

    Kai BEST carbon steel blade results

    Both thicknesses work in the Oneblade per my understanding. The thick blade, 0.25mm, is basically the same thickness as the Feather blade.
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    Thank you! I'm going to pick some up and see how they shave.
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    Good point. In that it does not FEEL like a working mans razor. But, when you really think about it though, who would benefit most from using a razor that can give you a quality 1 to 2 pass shave in 4-5 minutes and be out the door to get on with the rest of their day? Yep, the working man. Time is of the essence nowadays. Life is helter skelter during these times. Rush, rush, rush, no time for anything, before you know it the day is practically done and you have to get ready to do it again the very next day. Time, it's the only thing that we wish we had more of. What kills this razor? Everyone under the sun knows it. It's the price of entry, plain and simple. It feels fine, it looks fine and it shaves fine. That price tag though is tough to swallow for many. And I don't blame them one bit. I got mine on the cheap end with a promotional and discount code combo for just under $300, if you want to call that cheap which it is not. Why did I buy it? Out of curiosity and I treated myself (quit smoking). It does what it's supposed to do. Give you a damn good shave. I have other razors that I use more and enjoy to be honest. Regrets? Not a one.....
  8. Third shave:
    Well the learning curve wasn't as long as I thought it would be. Today just felt, well, normal. I didn't have to think twice about how to hold it, how much pressure or anything, actually I just shaved.
    The Feather blade was the weak point today. Half way through the first pass the blade was tugging some. I finished the shave with the blade but the blade was going into the bin afterwards.
    Three passes later (and a few touch up spots) I got a great shave with zero irratation! I'm amazed because I usually get some redness on the lower right side of my neck where the hair grows opposite of the rest of my neck. But not with the OneBlade.

    Some have said the razor is boring, well if your bored you can watch the head piviot.

    Some have said it takes all the fun out of shaving, well I had fun holding this fine piece and what could be more fun than getting a great shave.

    Some have said that it takes all the challenge out of shaving, well it does (just being honest). But if a challenge is your measure then this should be your perfect razor:

    It hits some great thing for me,
    It is cool looking. I like the Star Trek vibe I get from it.
    It has a nice heft and feel.
    I gives a great shave!!!

    It has some misses,
    It is a complicated design. Right now my favorite razor is the Pall Mall which is a very simple blade holder, very simple design.
    The blade only lasting 3 shaves. This is probably more of a blade issue and not a razor issue but because OneBlade has made the razor to only use the feather blade I feel this is a fair complaint.
  9. Gus, So far in my review I have totally tried to forget about the price and just focus on the razor itself.

    Since this is a V1, tomorrow I am going to use a Gem blade and see what it can do.
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    I think you'll like the shave with a GEM. Plus, the shave gets better and smoother with the despined GEM. Fair not trying to let the price influence your judgement on how it shaves. Still, it's hard to separate in the end. Have fun!!!
  11. I'm sure the price will be included in my final thoughts.
  12. It just wasn't efficient enough for me. The Feather FHS blade is not as efficient as the GEM SS PTFE or Schick Proline blade.

    I'm glad I got to experience the Oneblade, but it was a no go... I tried the Core before the Genesis and sent it back...
  13. Others may disagree but to me the closest razor to the Oneblade Core is among the cheapest razors made, at least in the country of manufacture. It is another pivoting head single blade razor, the Gillette Guard. Both it and the Core are designed to be low irritation razors with minimal chance of drawing blood. Considering the difference in price the similarities in performance are surprising.
  14. The KAI BEST carbon blades do not work in my OB Genesis v2. The .15 is too thin and just rattles around. The .25 can be forced in, but you almost need a pliers to get it out again.

    @Dragonsbeard , I can send you a few blades to try in yours if you want. PM me an address and I'll drop them in the mail.
  15. Dragonsbeard

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    Thank you for the very generous offer but based on what your saying maybe that's not a good use those blades in the V2. I'll continue to use the Feathers and once in a while I'll modify a few Gems.

    Thanks again!
  16. I thought that the V2 was modified so that it couldn't take the Gems.
  17. Dragonsbeard

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    No it will take a Gem as long as you de -spine the blade and cut a half moon notch out of the blade so it slides in like a Feather. There is a post somewhere that actually shows someone modifying the blade with a pair of metal nippers. So yes it works but like I said it's a PITA to do and most of the time I just use the Feathers. Oh and you are talking about the Genesis V2 right and not the Core V2?
  18. Thanks and I do mean the Genesis V2.
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    Oh ok I was just checking because someone earlier in the thread mentioned Core V2 and I thought maybe you were thinking Core instead of Genesis.
  20. On to shave 4.
    Today I was playing with a Gem blade to get it to fit. What a pain in the backside! I went through 4 blades to get it to have the right shape. These Gem blades are pretty brittle. Just when I thought I had it a big chunk of blade would snap off.
    Well I finally got it close enough and loaded it into the razor.

    The routine has become pretty...well....routine. The Gem blade has a different feel. the feather was smooth and magical the Gem had more blade feel and a touch of harshness. Not bad but compared to the feather it was a touch harsh. This is typical of the Gem and they smooth out nicely after the first shave or two so I'm excited to see what happens over the next few days.

    Three passes and things are close and smooth. This razor does it's job well. OneBlade has done a wonderful job of designing a beautiful and functional razor.

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