Oneblade, a most unnatural razor

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    Gem G bar takes GEM blades and competes with the Oneblade!
  1. Competes but doesn't compare.
  2. A great razor, along with the Featherweight and Bullet Tip.
  3. I'll take the G bar over the Oneblade! Everyone is trying to use the GEM blade in the Oneblade, I wouldn't waste my money on another FHS blade.

    No modifications needed for the G bar to use the GEM blade! :001_tt2:

    You're right, the Oneblade does not compare to the G bar! :2guns:
  4. Different systems. Can the G bar take a FHS blade? (Honest question because I don't know).
    No matter how you try you can't modify a Gem blade for your Old Type either, so is the Old Type bad?
  5. The G bar can take a FHS blade! Take a spine and open it up completely and put it on the FHS. It was the first time I used a Feather FHS, it's half the blade in performance compared to the GEM.

    Despine the GEM blade and then take a mallet and bang the spine on to the GEM blade to open it up completely, then place the spine on the FHS blade and it fits perfectly in the G bar, nice and tight! The Feather FHS blade is garbage!


    Here it is on a Kai BEST blade.

  6. Thanks, never thought of doing that, Not that I would but now I know I could. (I really like the use of the mallet:thumbup:)
  7. There was hype about the Feather FHS blade, I had to see for myself. There was a thread that said it fit in the G bar, so I bought a 10 pack, but I wasn't satisfied with the fitment, the mallet was used. Then I used it in the Core V1 and then the Genesis V1 in a passaround.

    The Genesis V1 is a well made stainless steel razor. Unfortunately the G bar performs slightly better with the GEM SS PTFE than the Oneblade V1 does with the Feather FHS. That's my experience anyway.

    I don't have anything bad to say about the build quality of the Oneblade! Performance on the other hand is a different story.
  8. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    Gem PTFE blade is IMO a lot better than the FHS and thats 1st shave vs 1st shave comparison. By the 2 or 3rd shave the Gem would lap the FHS as the Feather is out of gas and is ready for the blade bank. It's the one thing about my Genesis V2 that really bothers me is that it calls for the use of the FHS blades. Oh and Antony is correct as I did a shave comparison and the G Bar with the PTFE blade is more efficient than the Genesis with a FHS blade.
    I will at some point do a shave comparison with both razors using the Gem PTFE blade and put it in this thread just to see how they compare with the same blade in them. My gut is telling me it will be very close but we will see.
  9. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    A good old thread revival!!

    I had put off on using the OneBlade razor for some time, almost a year if not more. Been shaving with it for a full week minus today as I used the GC .84 for tonight’s shave. But, prior to tonight I put in 5 great shaves with the V1 and one FHS blade. Yup, you read right. I got a full 5 shaves in before it went south for good. I’ve sampled the Core, Hybrid, V2 and I still think the OneBlade V1 is still the best of the group. It’s crazy easy to get a great shave and it does it without causing any fuss. No cuts, nics or irritation to speak of. This past week was perhaps the best shaves I’ve had with this razor. Close, comfortable and decent lasting shaves. What more can a man want out of a shave? OneBlade V1 is a great performer....

  10. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    Yes the V1 does give a close shave with no effort at all. I think it would be pretty hard to cut yourself with this razor.
  11. @GlazedBoker thanks for resurrecting an old thread. I still have and love the Oneblade.
  12. How the heck? I get 1 good shave and 1/2 of the first pass of the second shave before my blades are DONE. So in essence I just use a new blade each shave as I'm not stopping mid shave every shave to put a blade in. I have the Core and pretty sure it's going back. Now the Genesis V1 might be to my liking as I've heard that one would readily take the despined Gem blades.

    But, I have two razors that take the Gem blades and they do everything my Core won't. Shave close with decent blade life. I guess I just like the looks of the Genesis.
  13. I actually love my OneBlade Genesis, but it took me a while to dial in a technique that best suited my face. I've found that for the first pass WTG, I try to engage the pivot as often as possible while also keeping the touch light, I go about a "medium" speed, and take long strokes to "wipe" the hair away. As long as I don't press into my face with it, it works fantastically. The second XTG pass (I'm a two-pass shaver regardless of razor) I use shorter strokes and don't engage the pivot intentionally. One of the closest shaves I ever had was with the OneBlade and Earth of Mankind soap.
  14. Hmm, I forgot, I have a box of KAI BEST blades from when I tried the Core back in 2017....the original Core just didn't give me a close enough shave, and the plastic head just didn't glide smoothly for me.

    The Hybrid I'm currently using give a really nice shave. I modified a GEM, but didn't get the openings quite large enough, it locks down on the pins, as opposed to floating on them, resulting in a so-so shave.....I need to open them up a tiny bit more on one side. - It wasn't a bad shave, but I poked myself with one of the corners 2-3 times during yesterday shave, and installed a Feather, until I grind the opening a bit larger. (I used my dremel and a conical grinding stone to open them up).
  15. Nice thread revival. Every once in a while I think I should sell my Genesis, then I’ll drop a new blade in and get a few really great shaves and can’t imagine why I’d sell it. It’s unique and fun to use.
  16. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I find the OneBlade gives a great shave, possibly the best shave of any razor, but I find it boring to use. Since shaving is also my hobby I want something with a little more soul to it. Something that requires a little skill.
  17. Used my Hybrid with a KAI BEST blade this morning. Probably the absolute closes shave I've had with any razor in a month, but, at the cost of the shave being a little rough. Not real rough, but maybe a little tuggy, no nicks, cuts, or weepers, but it wasn't as smooth as either the FHS-10 or GEM blade. - Maybe it will get smoother on shave #2.

    One observation, the KAI Best .245 barely, and I mean BARELY fits into the OneBlade. I honestly believe that trying to shove one into the Core would cut the inside mounts off, or at the very least shave them down. The KAI is every so slightly thicker, maybe .010 or .015 of a mm, which apparently is the difference between the blade slipping right in and having to barely making it into the razor head.

    Do the thinner 0.15 blades work, or are they too thin for the OneBlade? - I'm thinking they might be sharper, being a bit thinner, but don't want to buy a box of 50 to find out they're think enough to unseat themselves.

    My punch has apparently showed up, so I'll be punching out half a dozen GEM blades tonight, for when I toss that KAI.
  18. Just an FYI, the KAI does smooth a little on the second shave. I also noticed that keeping the head flat against the skin also minimizes the scraping feeling of the KAI blade. The Feather doesn't have that feeling of scraping, regardless of how you hold the OneBlade to your face. Another fantastically close shave. This thing truly rivals my Timeless 95 OC in closeness of shave, but super easy and fast. - You can speed shave with one of these, and not get bit. I have an early breakfast networking meeting on Tuesday mornings, and at 5:15-5:30AM, I can just swipe away and leave the bathroom with a BBS shave, no nicks, cuts, or weepers.

    Contrary to the OP, you don't actually need to press the razor that hard against your face. It makes you want to, or think that you need to, but a lighter touch works just fine. I think the problem is subconsciously, you want to see or feel the pivot actually pivot, but just shaving will have it slightly pivot as you push it across your face. My advice to any new OneBlade user is to just trust that the pivot will do its thing and shave normally, with the razor face flat against your face. Only enough pressure to keep the flat guard against the face is necessary to invoke the pivot. - It just works.
  19. Yeah, good advice. There are lots of times when I've shaved with it and not even bothered thinking about the pivot but just held the head like you would with any razor. I think you're right about the subconscious thing.

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