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I didn't realize until just now that our Italian shaving ambassador spent part of his early life in the United States.

Congratulations on your recognition here, and thanks for your ongoing contributions.
Without Marco's Method (and yes, I know he refuses to take credit, but there you go), I wouldn't have realized Cella is meant to be brush loaded in the tub and face lathered. My first two attempts this week were woeful. Treating it like a cream, and digging out the proverbial almond-sized chunk and scraping it into a lathering bowl left me unimpressed. "Pffft, Cella...what a load of hooey", I thought. Before my third attempt at cracking Cella, I searched out Marco's Method again. In the past I've concentrated on Marco's lathering process. This time I read from the beginning. "Wait, you load the brush right from the tub?"
Oh rapturous joy...birds were singing...little children were laughing...I was imbued with a new sense of virility, so much so that I raced upstairs, tossed rose petals upon the bed and made sweet, passionate love to my wife...uhhhh, well you get my drift.
All thanks to Marco's Method (and actually following the tutorial, from start to finish).
What I don't understand is, with Cella, how odd that you don't actually use the proverbial almond-sized chunk, considering its glorious almond/marzipan scent?
Thank you Marco!
I have never had a direct conversation with Marco, but he has had such a great effect on my journey into wet shaving so far. His tips on how to lather have helped me greatly, and his passion for Proraso "ever-green" is what got me to try it in the first place..now it's my favorite cream. So I also offer my congratulations and thanks to a true gentleman.

Thank you Marco
Awesome. Congrats Marco. I have enjoyed reading your comments the short time I have been here. Glad to see you get some well deserved recognition.
None are more deserving! I raise a glass to you, Marco. Thank you for all that I have learned from you, whether it's the fantastic way I use my soap and brush, or the great new pomades that I'm experimenting with. :thumbup: