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Sir may I offer you my congrats, if you looked up a fine upstanding gentleman your picture would appear ! Again sir well done! ( bows from the waist) :a14:
Congratulations, & thank you! I learned how to shave through your instruction on this site a number of years ago -- I just signed on again to see how things have changed and chanced upon your award. Congratulations, again. Good to see some things have not changed.
I live in Abruzzo (central Italy) in the province of Teramo, yesterday I was at Photo by kds471

I recently started wet shaving, I remember that my grandfather used the safety razor and also the freehand razor, and honestly it seemed curious to me what he did, once I remember that he had no soap, so he used the brush on a bar of soap, (I thought it was crazy) but he had a mastery in doing what he did, which I thought was a guru. Others then explained to me, that in ancient times, men soaped themselves with anything, even with pork soap, and I immediately liked this simplicity and my first soap was Cella, (soap as it used to be).
It is nice to believe that at a distance of miles, there are people so close, Bravo.