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Crème Pogonotomienne shaving cream arrival from France; wow(!) and review.

Actually, some say that you can use this without whipping it into a lather of sorts. To each their own.
Hi, see my post #20 above in this thread where I pasted an English translation of the instructions for this creme. It is a brushless creme meant to be massaged onto your face. While YMMV you may want to try it this way to see if it works even better for you.

Thanks again for posting, enjoyed the read.
BTW, rue Saint-Honoré is still a street today in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. 🤓
I attended the Sorbonne during the 1970s and Rue St. Honore is/was a very expensive street. I believe it's the home of Mauviel copperware. There I was 20 years old and had an affair with the wife of the editor of a newspaper known world wide. Her boy toy. I really liked being her slut.
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