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Please join us in celebrating this year's recipient of..
:a50:The 2014 B&B Meritorious Shaver award :a50:


This award has been historically presented to an outstanding member who has consistently contributed positively to this little corner of the Internet, otherwise known as Badger and Blade.

Some background on this year's recipient.........

His ancestors helped build one of the most advanced Civilizations in antiquity.

He was born in Abruzzo, central Italy, known fondly as the "Greenest Region in Europe". They also have the motto, "Forte e Gentile" (Strong and Gentle).

Giulianova Seaside

At the age of 5 he moved with the family to Washington DC

He is also known to indulge in 3-4 espresso and coffees a day.

The recipient was influenced early on by his Beloved Grandfather.​

"My Grandfather was the first man ever I saw wet shaving. I still have sculpted in my mind this image: "A little mirror on the wall, a beautifully loaded brush in a bowl, a DE razor in his right hand and a white towel upon his left shoulder. My Grandfather looked at me and smiled." I was only 4 years old. Did this influence my wet shaving passion? Yes Sir, it certainly did."

Eventually he settled down in Rome with his wife and had a beautiful baby boy.

(If our recipient looked like this guy it could be him!)


So without further ado the Moderators take great pleasure in introducing the recipient of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award!

The one and only...


It is with great pleasure to announce that the Badger and Blade Meritorious Shaver Award is hereby presented to Marco! A long standing member and Steward of B&B, Marco exemplifies the Gentlemanly attitude that all admire so well and strive to emulate. He has helped scores of new wet shavers with his "Marco's Method" of lathering soft Italian soaps. While he would be the first to admit that there are many ways to produce a lather, his technique is simple and straightforward enough for first time users to successfully produce a good lather, which as we all know is half the battle.

Marco is a well known fixture in the newbie forums. He is always willing to help out with a tidbit of info here, and when necessary, a paragraph there. Whether the question is a new one, or one that has been asked scores of times, Marco will patiently answer it as if it were the first.

Shakespeare wrote in The Merchant of Venice "If you ***** us, do we not bleed?" If Marco were cut, you'd find that he would doubtlessly bleed. But not red my friend, it would be Badger and Blade Blue.

In short, Marco pours his heart and soul into Badger and Blade and all who have had the pleasure of knowing him are better off for it.One only needs to peruse Marco's Wiki Page to see time and effort he has committed to producing great informational posts that benefit both new user and old timer equally:


It is on this Twelfth of March of 2014 that the Team at Badger
and Blade bestow upon Marco the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award in recognition of his long-standing contributions towards the betterment of B&B and, more importantly, for his Gentlemanly attitude.

Congratulations Marco!



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Congratulations to one of the shining stars of B&B. :thumbup:


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Congratulations Marco! The greatest award which is bestowed by Badger and Blade belongs to the elite of our membership. I can't imagine a more worthy recipient.

Thank you!
Congratulations Marco!!!

You are an outstanding member, and it's been a pleasure working with you behind the curtain. You absolutely deserve this, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you. Wear that badge proud my friend :thumbup: