Creepy Crawlies!

Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by troy, May 26, 2018.

  1. troy

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    My Mom's last Monarch of the season. On my Dad's and nephew's hands.
    P1130139(r1rs).jpg P1130150(rc1rs).jpg P1130162(rc1rs).jpg
  2. troy

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    P1130529(rc2rs).jpg P1130535(r1rs).jpg
  3. Well, shoot. I didn't get my new camera until after we'd been clearing out stuff in our unfinished basement.
    I'd found a couple of dead Daddy Long-legs covered in some kind of white fungus.
    They looked like ghosts. Not crawly any more, but certainly creepier.
    It seems that they are quite common, if you google for images of daddy long-legs white fungus.
  4. DoctorShavegood

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    It looks like a flying roach. When they take off it always flies straight toward head.
  5. Was visiting one of the parks along the monarch migration route. So many monarch butterflies I couldn’t get them all in frame.

    92F36638-20A9-44AA-BE33-8FD2E27A6EE8.jpeg E67BE5AC-210F-49E0-A637-99FCD841ECF3.jpeg
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    Great shots! That would be so cool to see so many at once!
  7. Was really awesome actually. I had no idea they would all be there so I only had my phone to take pics with.
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    At least the average cell phone is a pretty decent camera these days, but yeah I know how it feels to have such a great opportunity without your real kit.
  9. This was on my datil pepper plant this week.

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    Plant milkweed- they may visit you.
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    My mom has milkweed and a few butterfly friendly flowers, and lives just a few blocks over. She gets a few more than I get, but never anything like that. She does get a fair amount of caterpillars though. I may put some out next year and see what happens.
  13. One of many butterflies at the zoo. (Calgary, AB)[​IMG]

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    How would you like to come to my place for dinner and meet my family?
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    More Yellow Jackets
  17. Killer shots as usual, @troy.

    This landed on my arm while gardening, and immediately took a dump.

    Notice the defensive markings make it appear to be the face of a larger creature.

  18. troy

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    Thanks! Cool pic, it looks like the eyes on a Jack-o'-lantern!

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