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Creepy Crawlies!

Bug and spider season is is really starting to kick in around here. I for one find them fascinating and great fairly easy to find subjects. I'm sure there are others around here who like to take bug and spider pics too, so lets post them all to the same thread.

I'll start with a few from last year taken on a cheap cell phone ($30) and an even cheaper clip on macro lens ($7) just to show how cheap and easy it can be.
Orchid Orb Weaver
IMG_20170807_161401 (2).jpg
Praying Mantis

Some sort of horsefly not really sure.

Here are a couple of dragonflies taken on 2 different Fujifilm Super Zoom Bridge cameras.



Moderator Emeritus
Very nice, colours look great!
I got a few dragonlfy and damselfly pics while I was fishing last year, enjoyed that more than the fishing!
And some more recent pics.
Centipede taken with Panasonic Gx85 kit lens and 26mm of extension tubes. I think the pop up flash reflecting off of the stainless steel sing really added to the creepy factor here.
Very nice, colours look great!
I got a few dragonlfy and damselfly pics while I was fishing last year, enjoyed that more than the fishing!
Thanks Warren! You should post some of your pics to this thread when you get a chance. The last time I went fishing I had a camera in my hands more than a pole.
Here's a little jumping spider from a couple of weeks ago. GX85 14-140 lens and extension tubes.
He looks big in that pic, but he was really a tiny little guy.
If you're getting squeamish turn away before you get to the next post.
That last fly got away. But, this one wasn't so lucky when he came across this much bigger jumper from earlier this morning. Also taken on the GX85 14-140mm and extension tubes.

Yea, the jumpers are fun to watch and interact with. Sometimes they just shy away, others will posture and try to look as big as they can, others will look at you like a curious little puppy. They definitely seem smart for a bug.


Moderator Emeritus
I was watching some clips of them, a few of them would move their head about following a finger or whatever was held near them, the "curious little puppy" is spot on!

EB Newfarm

Cane? I'm Able!
Thanks! Yes, that is his own exo. He was sluggish and was happy to pose for a close-up photo. Say it on the bank of the river I was fishing.
Those are some great pics Warren! I can never seem to get the Damselflies to hold still long enough for a decent shot. Feel free to post any of them or and other bug pics you take. I'd rather this be a thread with lots of people contributing and bugs from all over the world. Maybe even get some scorpions, crabs, or other arthropods.


Moderator Emeritus
The Damselflies were darting about today @troy, still only have the Nikon 24-120mm lens so couldn't get near them!

Got one shot though, heavily cropped but not too bad.

Awesome Pic @WarrenB !

Between my spider feeding, @EB Newfarm 's dragonfly Metamorphosing, and your Damselflies breeding we already have a nice circle of life going, and we're still one page 1! :clap:


Self Ignored by Vista
Nice dragon fly pics., troy. There are several here that I may need to try and get a shot of, but I don't have a macro lens and they don't stay still long.

Nice spider pics.; I have a few of the black, fuzzy, scary looking ones...a few of them room with me in the house. There is one that has been living between the screen and the glass in the bathroom window for a few days, and some on the dining room ceiling. The locust haven't showed up yet this year though, but they'll be here.

I may try to get a snake pic.; I see them cutting across the pond again.
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