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The good old BLUES again ...

"Blue" aftershave ....

To me it continues to pose a kind of elusive attraction ...! Not as my only aftershave, but as one distinct "class" of aftershaves, which I am really prone to spend (yet more) money on trying.

I became a full-blooded traditional wet shaving hobbyist in early 2016, so I am "too young" to have tried the fabled Floid Blue.

The FLoid Blue seems to have achieved and almost mythological status among blue aftershaves, a gold-standard against which every other blue aftershave is measured. I would have really liked to try the Floid Blue, given all the hype (and given that I love Floid's orange aftershaves).

But since trying the Blue FLoid is not an easy option, I am beginning to find it a bit annoying that it has this "Gold Standard" status. Every time you try another new Blue, I can't help wondering how it might compare to Floid.

The latest instance I have experienced of this, is with my recent purchase of two new "Blues":

The Razorock "Blue Barbershop" aftershave splash, and

The FURBO Blue Vintage aftershave.

I admit that the main reason I purchased these two aftershaves (although really trying to practice restraint from yet more shaving related purchases), was precisely that each of them have been compared to, and claimed to closely resemble -- the Floid Blue.

In fact, I have even read, of each of them, that it is THE BLUE aftershave that comes closest to the fragrance of the Floid Blue, still in existence.
So being curious about "Blues" in general, and the fabled blue Floid in particular, I splurged yet again got both the Furbo, and the Razorock Blue.

They arrived, and so what do I find ...?

I have to confess, I am under-whelmed, somewhat disappointed, with both of them.

It is not that they don't "smell good". They do, the smell "BLUE" alright, and both have a nice menthol kick as a BLUE should have (the Furbo being on the strong side). They also each have an OK postshave feel, the Furbo even contains allantoin, which is an ingredient I really have come to like for its postshave feel.

Yet, I certainly don't think they are the best BLUES that I have tried, and if either one of them is "the closest you get to Floid Blue" nowadays -- as quite a few have claimed -- I am left wondering what all the hype about the Floid Blue is about. Perhaps it is mainly talked so much about, precisely because it is NOT there anymore.

But I give up now. No more chasing something just because it ostensibly is "like the the Floid Blue" ... . Because given the experience I have built up by now, I have to conclude that the Floid Blue probably was not that spectacular.

And in fact, after the disappointment has settled, I find this quite liberating. I can now leave Floid Blue behind me, forget about it, and be more open to other Blues.

So, as far as BLUES still in existence go ...

I still think good old Williams Aqua Velva Ice Blue has a lot to recommend. Excellent and very distinct spicy blue scent, nice postshave feel, nice subtle menthol kick, not too powerful. And cheap and readily available, in a variety of bottles. Perhaps a bit overly "Retro" in its scent profile, but entirely appropriate for a true "vintage" aftershave.

I have also really come to appreciate the scent of the Myrsol Blue. Very clean and pure "Blue", but subtle, both in menthol kick, scent and post shave feel. It's nearly a pure alcohol based aftershave, active ingredient otherwise is just sorbitol, so for lingering postshave feel it is not the strongest aftershave. But then, reapplication through the day is always an option, leaving you in control ...

But my favourite among the Blues I have tried so far, has got to be the Epsilon Blue Mediterranean. You will readily find information that this aftershave too is "like the Floid Blue", and fitting replacement for, etc ...
Be that as it may. At first, I found this aftershave too "sticky", too much glycerin in it. But after some use, I have really come to appreciate it. Let the glycerin dry out a bit, and after one hour or so, you have the most wonderful postshave feel on your face for much of the remaining day. Another thing I really like about it's postshave feel, is the level of menthol kick. It is quite powerful and lingers for a long time, yet not quite as potent as the Furbo. But what really nails the number one spot for Epsilon Blue Mediterranean, is its scent ...! It is within the BLUE register of scents of course, but it has a particular flavor of Blue, a subtle "spice" to it, that I think it will be hard for other Blues to beat. At that, it is long-lasting, like the rest of the postshave feel for the this aftershave.

To conclude, If some day I get the opportunity, sure I would love to try the Floid Blue. Meanwhile I have concluded, after having chased BLUES ostensibly resembling the Floid, that the Floid Blue most likely was really not that outstanding, compared to the many other nice Blues available today. Certainly not worth obsessing about. In the process, I have found some very nice blue aftershaves, even a favourite, which will forever be among my top picks.

So, over to you, fans of the BLUES. What are your experiences ..?
Have you too chased "something similar to the Floid Blue" like me, if so, what have you found ..?
Did you even have the good luck to actually try the Floid Blue, if so, how do you find it compares to other Blues ...?
And, in the process, did you find a favourite BLUE that you want to recommend ... if so, which, and why ...?
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Wow, what a great "blue" epistle!
Enjoy my various Blue shave stuff!!

I still have about 1/4 bottle (400ml) of Floid Blue left, but I know the day will come when I will need a replacement. I recently ordered a sample of Myrsol Blue, and after trying it for the first time today, I am very pleased. To my nose it's not as "deep" as Floid Blue, and perhaps more linear, but very much in the same family. I get a very nice talc/powdery vibe; not in your face like Clubman and definitely not a modern cologne scent, but an old school, somewhat refined barbershop effect. I detect no menthol or alcohol burn, and was left with a nice face-feel. I think it would work anytime, anywhere, any season, any setting. Just what I'm looking for.
I’d never gotten around to trying the legendary Floid blue either.

But like like @Jens i have tried a few of the other blue aftershaves.

Epsilon blue Mediterranean
Aqua Velva Ice blue
Razorock blue barbershop
Booster polar ice

I like them all but if I could only pick one of those 4. It would be Epsilon.

Aqua Velva would be my 2nd choice. I hope it never goes away.

Razorock Blue Barbershop gets 3rd place. But the last time I used it. I enjoyed it more than the previous times. Maybe it just needs some time to air out.

Booster polar ice to me seems like what an old fashioned blue barbershop would smell like for some reason. Like a scent from the 1930s.

I usually reach for 1 or 2 of these aftershaves on a weekly basis year round.

Never get tired of the blues😊
IMO, an aftershave serves two purposes. The first, is multifold. It must cleanse the skin and then soothe the surface. Floid Blue accomplishes both tasks, superbly. It leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. It's not "sticky" or "heavy". It's not "greasy" or "encumbering". You hardly know that it's there. You just know that it feels amazing, even after a vicious shave.

The second purpose is pure vanity. A great AS bolters a man's ego. It's the foundation of his persona. It defines the man who is wearing it by projecting his qualities.

The scent of an AS can project many qualities. Strength, Sensitivity, Vulnerability, Intelligence, Sexual Prowess, Humility, Compassion, and Confidence. Floid Blue confers all of these attributes. It's a multi season/multi situational AS, and I would wear it everyday if I had an unlimited supply.

That being said, I have a limited supply. I bought my first bottle while I was married, and quickly bought a second. I used the first bottle vigorously until I learned that the Floid Blue would be discontinued. My marriage to "Satan" was going to hell, so I quit wearing it entirely because she didn't deserve to smell it.

Fast forward a few years, and I'm dating again for the first time in 30 years. I'm wearing it again, sparingly. I wear other aftershaves, but it seems that Floid Blue is the only AS that receives compliments from every woman that I date. Once they smell it, they're hooked. They'll nuzzle and kiss my neck and cheeks for hours. There's nothing like a slow dance, when she's brushing your carotid with the tip of her nose.

Floid Blue is not just the best "blue" aftershave, it's the best all-around aftershave I have ever worn. It'll be a glorious, but sad day when I run out of that magical blue elixir.

Someone mentioned Myrsol Blue….its outstanding. Completely agree on the talc/powdery description…it just puts me in a good mood whenever I use it…so clean and soft.

I think it’s my favourite blue even moreso than floid
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