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    Gentleman please have patience and mercy of a Pastor !!
    Having read great things about Pinaud Clubman I ordered a 12.5 OZ bottle being confident to put it to good use in short time. Using it first time this morning and I can clearly see this isn't for me. The dry down is particularly atrocities with a strong chemical vanillaesque camphor trail coming solid (to my nose). The old school part I was prepared for but this one is downright assault with overdose of era I just can't relate to inspite being 50 this year.
    I'd have very gladly gave away the bottle to a Gentleman but postage from India will be costly, so I am left with a cheap plastic bottle with a cap that is there for a reason but keep leaking; filled with a liquid that (presumably) does it's job but I don't want it.
    Any ideas what it can be put to use other then dipping my DE in it?
  1. A general purpose disinfectant, perhaps?

    When I use it, I just dab it on my face lightly, using a towel, after a good shave. Not because I hate the smell, but because I'll start itching like crazy if I splash it on.
  2. You could cut down on the smell by mixing in witch hazel or something similar. See if that suits you better.
  3. I had a second go at it this evening. How can they make this stuff so synthetic is beyond me. I tried hard to relate with the smell and referrals were made to all those exotic ingredients but all I got was a very linear vanilla / lavender dry down with powdery cloyingness.
    Knowing how it was in morning I tried to cut it with water but that too didn't help. I had to take another shower to get rid of it.
    Not to knock it down completely, I think that it was destined to not work in indian summer time at all. Today was 38C going to climb 40 in couple of days. You get the idea!
  4. My wife won't let me wear it as it smells so strong. I cut it at least 50% with water, witchhazel and alcohol and it's much better. I don't know how anyone can wear it at normal strength and not have everybody laughing at them behind their back.
  5. Well, my wife threw a fit with the smell and I had a warning not to give her deliberate and willful headache if I was to remain in house, let alone in the bedroom.
  6. I love the stuff! I gladly wear it full strength!! But I do decant it into a glass bottle also. Laugh away gents, my wife LOVES the smell of this stuff! Happy wife, happy life:001_smile
  7. Bhugo

    Bhugo Contributor

    Same here. They are nuts!
  8. The alcohol content is likely too low to be a reliable disinfectant. Since you and your wife dislike the smell, the only option may be to discard it.
  9. Mick

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    Heavy floral/powdery scents are obviously not for you.

    Cutting it with more alcohol and witch hazel (50/50) along with a dash of aloe and glycerin should help tame the beast.

    If it still does not work, I am sure you can find someone in India that is in to flowers and talc and does not mind smelling like them. You can always specify INDIA only in a PIF and give it to another person near you from B&B

    You may want to see if Clubman Special Reserve is more to your liking.

    Special Reserve is more a woodsy/leather scent.

  10. Down the drain (preferably far away from your own house) :D :D :D
    I 100% agree with everything @HereticHermit stated here, that stuff in my opinion/experience is just nasty.
    I just cannot grasp the love in this forum for something so cheap and strong smelling - as open minded as feel I am, or at least as I want to be.
  11. I thought it was really really strong the first couple times I wore it, but now, it just seems normal. I enjoy it, and don't really care if anyone around me likes it, except for SWMBO. Fortunately, she likes all my aftershaves.
  12. Clubman is enjoyed by a whole lot of men and has been for a very long time. Now having said that there are plenty that don't like it, which I'll never understand. I think you should give it some time, maybe a few weeks or even months. Periodically revisit it and see if over time it grows on you and SWMBO, which is the most important opinion.
  13. All AS fragrances are like The Veg, just not as pronounced. It comes down to personal taste and maybe body chemistry. I try to like Skin Bracer and Brisk, but both remind me of malathion, and Brisk has more menthol than I prefer.
  14. Eh ... you either like a fragrance or you don't. I try to like Skin Bracer and Brisk more because my father went to Skin Bracer than anything else, but I reach for them when I know I'll have a case of razor burn and just endure the malathion like smell. Other than that, if you don't like a fragrance, why bother with it?
  15. While I agree and I can understand why this aftershave had users so polarised. I don't normally have very strong like or dislikes about shaving scents but this is something else to my nose.
    Part of the problem is weather conditions here. Think of living in Phoenix during hottest months and trying out Aramis or vintage English Leather or One man show.
    Pinaud certainly cannot be worn in Phoenix during summer there.

    That said if anyone tried their Gents Gin? I have read the sale script but not really confident about pulling trigger on this one when landing cost in india is $24.5 for 6Oz bottle after debacle with Clubman.
  16. I can understand some liking and some hating a fragrance, but don't understand polarization over it. Everyone's not going to like the same things, so if Shaver A likes Clubman and Shaver B doesn't, it just means that Shaver A likes it and Shaver B doesn't, and nothing more.

    Frankly, I don't know if I'd try an AS that expensive because I'm so cheap, I cringe when I buy Old Spice at a discount store. When it's an unknown, I wish there were cheaper travel size versions to try. Some I've seen online are close to 6 oz prices. I know that's why I haven't tried The Veg.
  17. +1 to this. It's OK if you don't like Clubman, and it's OK that others do. This whole shaving thing - razors, blades, brushes, soaps/creams, aftershaves, etc. - is so subjective, personal and intimate. The only "have to" in the "rule book" is that you have to do what suits you, and you only.

    I can definitely understand not wanting to wear a heavy fragrance in high heat/humidity. I usually limit my Clubman to Spring/Winter/Fall usage, and during the Summer, I end up using The Veg a lot. It's a light, floral scent, that is also highly polarizing here on this forum, but I like it, and it likes me!

    One other suggestion, if you think an aftershave scent is too strong, is to apply it while your hands and face are still wet. I like to get the most scent from mine, so I make sure my face and hands are completely dry before I splash on my AS.
  18. Tiki torch fuel, perhaps?
  19. Veg! Yeah I have read opinions here and veg seems to be driving people to extreme ends of magnet.
    Since the project of 101 uses of Clubman Pinaud has failed to take off I will try to cut Pinaud with some citrus or green scent EDT.
    I do like strong scents but not this one. I wish there was a reasonably priced sampler on ebay from their latest launch but it just beats me hands down how on earth someone ask the sampler price almost for a 6Oz bottle and slap $40 postage. What were they thinking? Well maybe they weren't thinking et all....

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