World's Cheapest New Razor: The Sik Bay

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Komboloi, Dec 10, 2016.

    I'm afraid I'll pass. If that's my only choice I'd have to go with the "Blackbeard" gig.
  1. Sick Bay, you say? It can be a good idea to order one of those if you're in the army. It's the best excuse EVER - I just tried to shave myself and look what happened.
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  3. Dang, they don't ship to where I live.
  4. I'm sitting outside enjoying a cigar for breakfast and just started cracking up reading your post. My neighbors are getting out of their car and probably think I'm nuts. Thanks for the fun read.
  5. Check Aliexpress. The search function sometimes doesn't work too well, but if you can find it, it's often cheaper than eBay.
  6. Now you mention it, it is kinda funny that someone's posted what is probably one of the worst razors ever made, and everyone's suddenly rushing to get one. Badger & Blade, the number one forum for the discerning shaver. 😀
  7. My razors I ordered have just arrived. The gold one is all plastic and kind of scares me. The silver one doesn't feel to bad and is a Long Feng 3 piece razor

    I will try them over the next few days and let you know how it goes.

  8. Um my mistake the silver one scares me getting the Voskhod blade lined up was fun. The gold plastic one seems to hold the blade quite well.... initial impressions. I wouldn't recommend either to a noob.
  9. Ha ha - mine arrived today too, all the way from Malaysia:
    It's not very heavy is it?
  10. Advanced space age polymers. Science is magical.

    We should start a club. The Sik Bay Sick Bay or something. Only membership requirements are that you own and have shaved with a Sik Bay razor.
  11. My son bought me a Sik Bay when he went on holiday to Turkey a couple of years ago. Mine is all black & the quality, for a moulded plastic item, was fine. It holds the blade straight & despite the somewhat scary blade exposure, it shaved OK. It felt like an ultra light version of my Tradere in use.

    My son also brought back a Yuma from Turkey, but I have never been brave enough to use that.....
  12. Did your razor come with blades? If so, did you try them?
  13. It did: A tuck of Sharks with 4 blades and a full tuck of Ying Ji Li. It was advertised as coming with blades, but I think they threw in the Sharks because my order didn't make it to me the first time and they had to reship. I haven't used any of the blades they sent me.

    So I got the the razor and 9 razor blades shipped to me (twice) from China for $.99. I have no idea how they do that.
  14. Could one of these with a Graham-Field blade be perhaps the worst possible shaving experience ever?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  15. [​IMG]
  16. The silver all metal razor is a quite bit more aggressive than my current razor but gave be a very close shave. I will probably use this one again. But it is a real pain to get the blade lined up.

    The gold plastic one didn't cut at all and just scraped ... I used both razors with Voskhod blades.
    The gold one I am going to call a "Razor Shaped Object" it looks pretty and seems to hold the blade well but as far as Shaving experience goes ... I'll grow a beard before I use this *** again.

    If someone in Aussie does want to give the gold plastic one a shot, PM me and I will post it to you. First in first served ...
  17. I'd certainly give the metal Merkur looking thing a go!
  18. The gold one?
  19. So my first shave with the all original Sik Bay this evening.

    Actually a thoroughly excellent and VERY AGGRESSIVE steep angle shave with a smoooooooooooth 7 O'Clock Black installed:
    If you like the Devette then you'll like the Sik Bay.
    Massive blade exposure, lots of blade feel, constant sensation of blade flex and an awesome steep angle, irritation free, instant BBS.

    Of course razors like the Shavecraft Tech and the Spitfire R41, the Vision 2000 and the Eclipse Red Ring can take you there with a lot more style, class and quality.

    But along with the Devette and the Rapira Platinum Lux DE this Sik Bay shows that good geometry and excellent shaves can come in cheap shoddy looking packages too and reminds us that, at the end of the day, all these razors are simply blade delivery systems.

    People always regurgitate those pictures of blades on chopsticks etc when we talk about razors like this, but miss the point that a blade on a chopstick does not have good geometry whereas these razors do.
    The Sik Bay may not be well made but it is extremely well designed.

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