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Gillette RED Flare Tip Super Speed TTO Razor (An SWCT Review)

Such a shame, we all have the occasional bad shave!

But this has got to be the first negative review of the Red Tip on B&B!

To me, the Red Tip is an excellent razor. Tech + not quite a full shim, a solid medium near-autopilot razor with perfect balance (just under the first row of knurling), and blade alignment.
I'm taking a spin with mine tomorrow morning, now I'm curious. Gave one to my brother in law, he has usually multiple day growths and a thick, heavy beard. He claims the razor shaves very well for him. My beard is light to medium, so my opinion of the Red Tip may not be of much value. I remember getting very close shaves with it in the past, but its been awhile. Maybe the razor in question needs a tune up??
I'm a newbie but just pulled out my old red tip last week and got a good shave from it.
No chatter with personna reds.
Not as smooth as my rockwell 6s but lots of variables I guess.
Lots to learn here!
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