World's Cheapest New Razor: The Sik Bay

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Komboloi, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. $46391612.jpg

    I've eaten lunch on a landfill and I wouldn't shave with those things! :lol: Especially the blade and bolt razor. :w00t: I cringed while watching.
  2. The all metal one that looks like a Merkur type or an upgraded Yuma.
  3. drwevil

    drwevil Steward

    I'm going to hang on to that one for a bit.
    My WCS one has trouble getting the whiskers under my nose
  4. [​IMG]
    This "blank" version of the plastic razor must come from a different factory as it is not exactly the same. The "blank" version is actually a much better razor. The "blank" version has a smooth top cap and has much better tolerances in the extrusion process. I think the "blank" version gives excellent shaves. If you can confirm which one you are going to receive from the ebay purchase , Do not buy the Sik Bay version.

    The Sik Bay version has "extrordianary" blade exposure, meaning the blade extends way more (more danger to cutting the skin). The "blank" version has a safe amount of exposure.

    I highly suggest the $.99 cent "blank" version of this will be amazed at what a $.99 Razor will do. The Sik Bay might look similar but it is not anything like the "blank" version.
  5. [​IMG]
    This "cheapo" Chinese Razor has excellent but very, very agressive blade geometry. I suggest this razor for more experienced DE Shavers as it is the potential for really cutting you if not used with care. However, as an experience DE user myself, I love this little Chinese Razor. The picture shows an included blade.... toss it immediately, as it is a terrible blade. Load one of your favorite DE blades and shave with this aggressive razor. You will be amazed at what $2.50 will provide as a razor.

    My dream would to have some quality US manufacturer "reverse engineer" this razor and make it in a quality, sturdier metal. This li'l booger would be a great stainless steel razor if some manufacturer would take on the challenge. Turn about is fair play.....
  7. This razor appears to be a Chinese knockoff of the "Yuma", though I have never actually touched the "Yuma" in my hand.
  8. Yeah it certainly looks like a YUMA, which is a fierce thing.
    I've had a couple of Yumas and they have a kind of galvanised zinc finish to them, and the big problem is blade alignment.
    Once you've got that right they can perform very nicely.
    Like the Sik Bay and the Devette, you've got to love blade feel to enjoy it and also have a light touch.

    I suppose these are all slightly less safe razors.
    They actually require a bit of technique to get a good shave and that is a good thing
  9. If you have both razors, the Yuma is terrific with the base plate from an Old Type :thumbup1:
  10. It's not the world's cheapest, but it may be the world's ugliest.
  11. So just a quick reminder for anyone who's joined this thread late -
    If you like aggressive razors with a lot of blade feel and you have good technique then, in spite of its hideous appearance and shoddy plastic construction, THE SIK BAY IS AN EXCELLENT SHAVER!!
  12. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    My magnificent Sik Bay arrived yesterday (same day as Marcus). :biggrin1:
    I won't be trialling it until the last weekend of this month.

    But it looks like I'm gonna have fun. :laugh:
  13. The Magnificent Sik Bay is such a great name for this razor
  14. This thread has been very entertaining, so much so, that I have contemplated breaking my 2017 sabbatical 6 days in just to buy a Sik Bay(I won't, as I feel these will still be around and possibly on sale by next year). My favorite is the name of the club, Sik Bay Sick Bay. Keep the reviews coming.

    1Cal, that's cool that Marcus came over the same day you got your razor. How long is he staying?
  15. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :001_rolle I think it must be the way I tell them Adam. :blush:

    What I meant was that I received my Sik Bay on the same day that Marcus received his Sik Bay.
  16. I gathered, but I sometimes can't resist. The language is so malleable, and silly misunderstandings so fun. The spirit of the Sik Bay overcame me.
  17. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    I know what you mean! I often find it hard not to comment on weird looking and sometimes unintelligible posts. But then I think:

    1. Is this guy a lunatic?
    2. Is this guy illiterate?
    3. Na, his smartphone's just rearranged his message for our amusement.
  18. Highspeedlane

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    That thing looks like something you would want to use in an operating room, not a bathroom :w00t:
  19. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :laugh: Where's your spirit of adventure Lane?
  20. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :cursing: Unfortunately, this ain't gonna happen. :crying:

    To get the blade in, as per the second pic in my post above, took me about five minutes due to the lousy cap moulding.

    As I was playing with my shaving gear I decided to load the Sik Bay up again, ready for tonight. I thought the blade was going to snap due to the distortions it had to go through (same as last time), but I eventually managed to get it down and flush with the cap. This time the baseplate studs wouldn't engage with the blade, and no matter how much I fiddled and prodded with my instrument screwdriver it wasn't having it. I GAVE UP. Then it took me nearly five minutes to get the darned blade OUT.

    The Sik Bay has made me really sick, and is now in the trash. :facep:

    To brighten up my day I loaded the blade into my beloved Piccolo for tonight's shave (it was wonderful to be able to achieve this loading feat in the usual few seconds).

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