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Win a Muehle R106 This May From Shavetools.com This Father's Day.

I have been using a straight for a few years now and have been unable to get my Father to give up his Mach3. He wont try the straight! He has recently said he would try a DE. This contest might help me convert him! What a great gift to give an Old Soldier from Ft. Benning!

I live in Europe for now but the Razor is for My Dad in Ft, Benning Ga.
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I'd like to join the contest.

I don't remember what he used exactly. Razor had a butterfly opening. What I do remember was him sitting me on the sink, putting lather on my face and then shaving this off with the smooth edge of a comb. Of course, when my shave was done, a dab of Old Spice.
I would like to join the contest!

Dad used a Gillette super speed with canned shave cream. I can't remember the brand but it was a white can with a red dot? I don't remember what aftershave he used but it was a shade of brown if I remember.
My step-father has an old Gillette that he used. I believe he used can Barbasol. I'm planning on giving him an Omega boar hair brush at some point.
I would like to ...learn to read.

I reread it and this was won months ago, they used a bizarre date format in original post. my bad. Still looked like a cool razor and would have been nice.
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Shavetools.com is giving away a free Muhle R106 to one lucky winner this Father's Day.

The contest ends on the 25th of October, with the winner determined randomly. First prize is the razor, second prize is an assortment of samples and a puck of Cyril Salter Shaving Soap.
The OP is where some of the confusion is coming from. Note the day that he says the contest will end
And the Contest is closed! Congratulations to Gc77 who won the razor and to Imri who won the soap and samples, and thanks to every one for participating.
And here's the end of it. I guess that OP was an extreme typo. The contest ended on June 16.

My father was an electric guy from as long as I can remember. Great looking razor. I would like to join the contest. Thanks.
My father shaved with a Genco straight razor. I "borrowed" his razor for my first (very premature) shave which my mother mistook for a suicide attempt...blood everywhere. Papa did manage to teach me its proper use, but only after buying me a Gillette DE for my own safety. Stupidly I switched to newly introduced Bic disposables, then Gillette Good News, Trac II and on and on.... The dumbest thing I ever did besides ordering sushi in a Chinese restaurant.