Win a Muehle R106 This May From This Father's Day.

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Jun 2, 2013.

    I would like to join the contest!
  1. But it's SOoooooo looooooonnnngggg!!!
  2. I have been using a straight for a few years now and have been unable to get my Father to give up his Mach3. He wont try the straight! He has recently said he would try a DE. This contest might help me convert him! What a great gift to give an Old Soldier from Ft. Benning!

    I live in Europe for now but the Razor is for My Dad in Ft, Benning Ga.
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  3. I'd like to join the contest.

    I don't remember what he used exactly. Razor had a butterfly opening. What I do remember was him sitting me on the sink, putting lather on my face and then shaving this off with the smooth edge of a comb. Of course, when my shave was done, a dab of Old Spice.
  4. Guys... take a guess when Father's Day is/was.
  5. I would like to join the contest!

    Dad used a Gillette super speed with canned shave cream. I can't remember the brand but it was a white can with a red dot? I don't remember what aftershave he used but it was a shade of brown if I remember.
  6. My step-father has an old Gillette that he used. I believe he used can Barbasol. I'm planning on giving him an Omega boar hair brush at some point.
  7. I would like to ...learn to read.

    I reread it and this was won months ago, they used a bizarre date format in original post. my bad. Still looked like a cool razor and would have been nice.
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  8. Can I join the contest too? :wink2:
  9. I wonder if people are even reading the title of this contest before entering. FATHER'S DAY, PEOPLE!!!!
  10. But father's day is like... Next week! Besides, FREE STUFF WOOT :happybday::a6:
  11. ...
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  12. Oohh! Good usage of that meme William!
  13. I made it especially for this. It's one of my pet peeves. ;)
  14. The OP is where some of the confusion is coming from. Note the day that he says the contest will end
  15. And here's the end of it. I guess that OP was an extreme typo. The contest ended on June 16.

  16. My father was an electric guy from as long as I can remember. Great looking razor. I would like to join the contest. Thanks.
  17. My father shaved with a Genco straight razor. I "borrowed" his razor for my first (very premature) shave which my mother mistook for a suicide attempt...blood everywhere. Papa did manage to teach me its proper use, but only after buying me a Gillette DE for my own safety. Stupidly I switched to newly introduced Bic disposables, then Gillette Good News, Trac II and on and on.... The dumbest thing I ever did besides ordering sushi in a Chinese restaurant.

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