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Win a Muehle R106 This May From Shavetools.com This Father's Day.

My dad has been an electric shaver for as long as I can remember. However, each of my brothers and myself started shaving with carts. When I was 17, I got an electric for christmas, but (thankfully) could never really get used to it. I've been trying to get my dad to convert for a while now, but I think he's stuck with his electric for good. He just doesn't see the point. Still, I would like to join this contest.
My Dad had a beard all growing up. Then he uses some Mach 3 for a while. He's back to the beard.

I'd still like to join the contest!
I would like to join the contest. My dad used an old tto Gillette fatboy I believe with an old spice mug. Both of which my mom threw out. Very disappointing.
In! Dad uses a remington microscreen, and has for quite some time. I remember him using a DE when I was very young, with Hai Karate (!) aftershave.

Back a bit further, I spent many a morning in Montana in the summer with my grandpa at his shaving sink. I always was impressed with the process and the smell of whatever he was using - Williams shave soap and Pinaud's most of the time.
I don't remember what shave tools my Dad used == LOL!
I would like to enter the contest though! Thanks.
I'd love to join the contest... when I was really young my dad used a DE razor but later he switched to a Norelco electric razor.
I would like to join the contest.

When I first learned how to shave, my father used the cartridge and goo. He has been visiting this week and I have dragged him along to the flea markets and whatnot looking for old razors and stuff. After seeing a couple vintage ones that I found, as well as items while we were out, he had mentioned using some old double edge razors. He couldn't remember what type they were but he did remember they were a three piece.
I'd like to enter as well;

Growing up, my father used disposable bic razors and Barbasol in a can. I recently switched to a DE razor after a long time on cartage razors. I just bought my father an Edwin Jagger DE three piece, (similar to the one I use) as he has recently retired, and is taking things slower. I though it would be a good time to get him a gift that will help him slow down and enjoy life a bit more. Growing up he used a DE Gillette, I have no idea which one though. I know from conversations that Wilkonson Sword razors were his his favorite before he switched to crappy disposables!
I would like to join the contest! My father just used cheap shaving foam and disposable razors...but that man could get every hair off of his face in a minute flat.
Dad was a Barbasol and BIC disposable guy for most of my life. Mom said he had a Gillette and Williams in an Old Spice mug when he was younger.

Sadly I discovered wet shaving after he had passed.
not in (outside Conus)

my dad since his army days shaves pretty much everyday .. never had a beard only a period in the '70-'80 when he wore a mustache haha .. as for shaving gear .. Gillette Super Speed Blue Tip and Pino Silvestre Aftershave .. he then switched to the Bic Disposable .. and now days he uses a Gillette Sensor Excel. I tried to pass some DE and Straights to him now that Im doing that .. but he only picked up the brush I gave him and shaving cream .. won't budge on the Gillette Sensor :p

meh talking about this made me want to pick up a Pino SIlvestre ! :straight: