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Win a Muehle R106 This May From Shavetools.com This Father's Day.


Shavetools.com is giving away a free Muhle R106 to one lucky winner this Father's Day.

To enter the contest just post, telling us what wet shaving gear your father uses or once used, or, if he wasn't a wet shaver, you can just post "I would like to join the contest!" in this thread, and if you have a couple of minutes, it would be appreciated(though not required) if you would stop by Shavetools.com and write a review of one (or more, if you would like) of the products on the site that you have used in the past.

The contest ends on the 25th of October, with the winner determined randomly. First prize is the razor, second prize is an assortment of samples and a puck of Cyril Salter Shaving Soap.

Note that since some of the prizes have alcohol in them, this is CONUS Only.

To get the ball rolling, my father had beards most of his life, but in the last year or so, he's been using a Merkur open comb and a synthetic brush.

I'd like to join the contest. My father always wore a beard. He probably used something to keep his bear line on his neck neat, but I have no idea what it was. He probably just used a Gillette Good News since shaving wasn't a big priority for him.
My 91 yo dad used a Gillette adjustable (don't know which one now) when I was a kid old enough to remember. My first razor as a teenager was an adjustable from him. About 3 weeks ago I started DE shaving again after 40+ years and I bought a Gillette Slim adjustable for memory sake. I've caught to bug and find DE shaving to be a mindful task in the morning that starts the day in a wonderful way that pampers me.

Thank you for this offering!
I would like to join the contest!

I have no memories of my father ever wet shaving, but when I was very young I do remember finding an old Gillette super speed (I think) in the bathroom. It kind of mystified me with its twist open mechanism and the danger of the razor blade.
Presently my father shaves with an Edwin Jagger DE 89, Astra blades, a Simpson brush, Mitchell's Wool Fat, a custom scuttle, and he finishes the routine off with Thayer's Witch hazel. He's quite the dapper gentleman.

My grandfather used to shave with a little Gillette Travel Tech, an Ever Ready Brush, and some Williams. He passed away in February, at which time I was gifted his old shave wares. The brush was worn beyond repair, but I keep his Travel Tech in my Dopp kit and use it every time I'm out of town.


I would like to join the contest!

My father passed away when I was three, I have very few memories of him, let alone shaving ones. My grandfather used a Gillette Slim.
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In later years my father was using an electric razor. I can remember him using an adjustable double edge razor before that, and there was a three-piece in a drawer which he must have used at some point. I also remember a brush and a tube of cream. Picturing the brush in my memory I'm sure it was boar, and probably whatever brand was common on drug store shelves back in that time. But those memories are vague.
My Dad used a superspeed until Bic came out with disposables and he's used them since. my mom says he was always nicking himself and hated shaving. he loves cartridges and would never go back - even though he uses a fixed-angle cartridge. Also, he hated the brush and loves the crap in a can.

It's all about cheap and convenience with him. Face be damned!
I would like to join the contest! My dad has always kept a beard, but now has a goatee. He shaves the cheeks with a fusion razor and canned goo.
i would like to join the contest! sadly my dad passed away when i was much younger so i dont have to many memories but i do know he was a wet shaver my mom said he always used gillette but she does not remember when. he also had a military issue one she said he brought home with him from korea.
I would like to join the contest.

I gave my father a DE 89, EJ Best Badger Brush, Col. Conk Almond, and Pinaud Clubman aftershave. He still uses $.30 disposable cartridge razors with water and no aftershave...then complains about irritation.
I would like to join the contest! My dad used to wet shave when he was younger, but he couldn't remember what he used. Ever since I can remember, he has used cartridge razors, kept a beard or a mustache. He finds it interesting how I have picked this up, but doesn't really want to go back to this style of shaving.
I would like to join the contest!
My father uses an electric Philishave, and occassionally he uses some kind of cartridge shaver. Don't know if it's a Fusion or Mach3 but you get the idea.
I just "inherited" my dad's old Old Spice shaving mug and Ever-Ready brush. My dad is only in his late fifties, so this stuff isn't really really old, but it's cool nonetheless, and I remember him lathering up with the brush when I was a kid. Not sure what his razor of choice was, though. He usually had a beard or goatee anyway, so the shaving was relatively minimal. Now he just uses a cartridge razor and canned foam-he still has a goatee or beard, so I guess he just goes for simplicity.
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I remember my father shaving with a silver colored toothed TTO razor which was probably a Gillette Senator. My father passed away 15 years ago so I can't ask him what it was.
Thank you for offering this, count me in. I remember my dad using his 56' gillette Flaretip Superspeed, with a Gillette Spoiler blade and Lemon/Lime Foamy Shave Cream. I remember when he taught me to shave with that very same razor when I was 13. I still have that razor and it's plastic case, and I always take a trip down memory lane when I use it. I wish my dad was still here, I think he would really enjoy using his Flaretip with all the creams and soaps that we now have available to us.