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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

A Costa Cappuccino made in my Tassimo machine (needed an instant hit this morning) and I'll be brewing up some Monsoon Malabar in my SwissGold Coffee filter once I'll finished the cappuccino!
Community Coffee Toasted Hazelnut in a 3-cup Moka pot poured into an equal amount of heated unsweetened vanilla almond milk with 3 Equals.
Roastology Campfire blend. This is a new one to me from a local (Richmond) roaster, and it is quite nice. Brewed with Aeropress.
I always brew with my trusty Melitta porcelain pour over cone that takes 102 filters. I've been doing so for ages, way before pour over coffee became cool again. In fact, I never in my life owned a coffee machine. It has always been kettle, cone, filter and hand grinded beans.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Pot of Folgers and out the door.

I have two 16oz navy blue thermos bottles that I have had for years. The stoppers broke just below the rubber gasket. Probably worn out. I called Thermos and bought 2 replacement stoppers and they even had me pay for the shipping.
They got here yesterday.
They sent me two lids/screw on caps/cups.
Here’s your sign!!!!!!
My daily coffee.
8 cups water​
2 scoops Community Coffee Toasted Hazelnut​
Mr. Coffee automatic drip​

I add a splash of vanilla almond milk and 2 equals into a 2 1/2 cup mug. Twice.

My Moka Pot supplements my coffee needs. :)
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