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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

I picked this up while visiting Stirling castle while on holiday (Stirling-Arran-Dunblane) and tried it out in my SwissGold Coffee filter this morning. Its quite a nice coffee with subtle flavours to it.

Ran a double shot for Café Cubano yesterday. Noticed it was a bit foamy. Did the descaling thing. Ran another Café Cubano double. Seemed to fix the issue. Fired up the Barista Express with illy beans again tonight for a double shot Latté. The machine is producing proper shots again. I need to lay off the coffee for awhile now!

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Bustelo, Pilon, La Llave are our espresso standbys. The "Supreme" versions of the first two are worth it!

Yet we try cheapies for variety: Nicaraguan La Rica and La Cachita are also decent.

Saw and tried the Walmart espresso for $2.38. Wife and I just looked at each other that morning. "Reg-u-lar," she commented, in Spanish. Which is a polite way of saying, "not that good." Tried it again, but weak and bitter is the verdict.

Have you ever seen a pound of coffee thrown to the wind for yard fertilizer? I have.


Ad Astra

The Instigator
Double shot Cuban coffee with illy beans. Still trying to get the sugar thing dialed.
Two mounded regular spoons for 2"x2.5" volume, roughly. To me.

Illy is Italian, right? There seem to be two espresso roast camps, Italian and Latin. Wife and I are firmly in the Latin roast camp - all the Italian ones taste bitter to us. And we tried them, usually at 4x the cost. Bustelo/Pilon is just hard to beat.

Yeah, I’m not using enough sugar. I have been using 2 teaspoons. And I have no allegiance to those illy beans. I am looking forward to trying Bustelo as well as some of the offerings of a local roaster. Thanks for the tips!
We bought a kilo of Ruta Maya medium roast for drip coffee. I wish we hadn't. I prefer the dark roast and better still the espresso roast. in addition to the flavor I find dark roasts less acidic.
Yirgacheffe is very nice. I like to roast my own, medium-dark, outside on a camping stove (there's a lot of smoke...). High heat. Keep stirring, keep the beans moving, and it should work out fine.

Fine grinds get the flavour out faster. Stewing coffee for a long time seems to bring out the bitter flavours. Too much can ruin it - especially an espresso.

I have an Aeropress which is very good but I've found that "cowboy coffee" has a little more flavour if you don't mind the slight muddiness. I've drunk this so many times on backpacking trips it doesn't bother me any more. Just mix hot water & coffee in a jug or a pot and then pour through a tea strainer to filter out most of the grinds.
I use a Bonavita drip machine with a Capresso grinder. Started this setup last year. It’s good. Not espresso but good drip coffee. Water temp is a solid 195F and good even coverage of grounds. Grinder is fairly consistent and quiet. Something like an 8:1 ratio.

Usually get Caribou medium roast beans or whatever is on sale, lately trying Aldi brand and it’s not great so will switch back.
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