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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

And how did that work for you?
It was fine. I used to only drink black coffee all the time. Then the occasional cappuccino. About 5 years back I started drinking hazelnut coffee, so got accustomed to adding cream and sweetener to bring the flavor out.
As a gift, I received a Planetary Design BruTrek French press travel mug. I have used it a couple of times now and so far I am impressed. I was skeptical regarding how it stops the brewing process and traps the grounds, but it seems to do the trick. Very fine mesh and a mesh filter at the drinking spout/hole/whatever it's called. And kept my coffee hot for 5 hours! It is 20 oz, and I kept getting interrupted yesterday, but my coffee brewed at 11:00 AM was still drinkable hot and not bitter at 3:00 PM. @MntnMan62 , I'd be curious to hear your thoughts, being a French press aficionado!
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Café LaLlave in my Delonghi Alicia electric Moka pot for my morning Cuban coffee, and Positive Vibrations from Cleveland Coffee Company in my AeroPress for an Americano later on!! 121695429_10160350364153626_2547621191209824634_o.jpg 121781298_10160350365523626_6869432216874047641_o.jpg
I finally bought a bag of Bustelo beans for the Breville Barista Express. I emptied the grinder of the illy beans and filled the hopper. Bustelo is better. I don't know if it is the way I pull a shot or not, but there is a burned taste to the illy that Bustelo lacks.
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