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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

Today, arghhhhh,,, so today i went to use the first batch of fresh roasted beans I made, Columbian. I put them in the old and decrepid solis grinder and it ground most of the beans and stopped, Probably the heat fuse again.
I looked and said , bah enuf for a pot, So i used it in making the pot of coffee.
OMG the aroma of fresh ground from fresh roasted was divine. I had forgotten.
My wife gets up, pours a cup and after a bit I ask her how the coffee was, she said strong, but good.
There you have it, coffee pre ground and used is so stale even a shorter dose of fresh ground/roasted coffee is so much better than pre packaged stuff.
Off I go today, and will buy a replacement grinder as this made up my mind to use up what we have and roast fresh for her as well and grind it fresh.
The fresh stuff was primarily for my oracle machine, but will be for hers as well.
Best Cuban double shot I’ve made so far, on the second try this morning. I thought I had everything perfectly set up for the first go: two expresso cups warmed up, one with sugar, a double shot of grounds tamped down. I thought it odd that the first grind didn’t fill the filter, but I found the hopper empty of beans, added more, and ground some more beans, and tamped it down. The pros here probably know where this is headed. I hit the double button and grounds went everywhere. I had washed the filter and forgotten to replace it. :-(

Wound up with a nice Café Cubano in the end!
Made a second Café Cubano tonight. Compares favorably to the sip of my wife’s at the Cuban restaurant this afternoon. So much for the doctor’s recommendation.
Community Coffee Toasted Hazelnut in a 3-cup Moka pot poured into an equal amount of heated unsweetened vanilla almond milk with 2 Equals and some caramel sauce.
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