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GIVEAWAY! TWO Wilkinson Sword packages, Made in England, "Super Sword-Edge" in cellophane retail = 10 blades

Hi All,
Sorry for the delay in my review of these blades that phdezra generously gave away. I am still a newbie and wanted a little more experience to be able to give a better comparison and review. So, I have had quite a few shaves with the Wilkinson Sword stainless steel blades made in England. I used a GIllette Slim adjustable keeping on the 3 setting. I would use a Wilkinson sword for several shaves and then I would switch to another blade. I would then switch back and repeat the cycle to compare it to several other blades. First I compared it to a Merkur platinum coated. I found the Wilkinson sword to be equally sharp as the Merkur platinum, but smoother. I did find the Wilkinson sword tended to dull by the 3rd shave. I then used a Gillette blue and found the Wilkinson to be better in all areas. The next blade I used was a Shark Double Chrome. I found out the hard way with the Shark Blade that you need to make sure an adjustable razor is tightened completely. After I recovered from my mistake, I found the Shark to be sharper but not as smooth as the Wilkinson. At this point, I am using a yellow Gillette 7 O'Clock and it seems to be just as good if not a little better than the Wilkinson. If I have time I will add more posts comparing the Wilkinson sword to other blades. Of course this is only the opinion of a newbie and your opinions may differ greatly. Thanks again phdezra for sending me these blades!
The Yellow Gillette ( to my face, at least ) is a pretty good blade, so if the Wilkinson is hanging in its vicinity, then it's not bad at all.
I have not been on this site for sometime, and I am really sorry to have missed this PIF! I use the German Wilkie Classics everyday! I take it that the Wilkie Classics used to be made in England, unless I am dead wrong. Anyway, I saw on the the package it said 5 blades for $.79. I pay $1.20 for a tuck of 5 blades of Wilkinson Sword Classics from Germany, at a local grocery store in their shaving section. Pretty good value, I think! I paid $3.50 at a store dedicated to shaving when I first bought them a few years ago, but then found them, while out shopping with the wife, and now I tell her to pick up a tuck, or two every so often. My shaves are smooth, and close, with my Parker 91R, which is my everyday driver. I don't collect razors, and started with a Van Der Hagen, and their blades. Got my technique down, and started trying other blades, but the shave was never really close. Went to the shaving store with the wife, and the guy behind the counter recommended the Parker 91R. Did not buy, but my wife was taking notes, as my b-day was near, and she picked it up for me. Been using it since Nov. of 2020, and found my everyday blade quickly. Smooth, close, never any irritation. Nicks and weepers are seldom, and I get 7 to 10 DFS's with every blade. They just did some upgrade with packaging, but also blade quality. The first shaves are really smooth, and the blade just gets better after that. Good price, good quality, good blade! What's not to like! YMMV, but they work on my face...
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