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GIVEAWAY! PIF: 55 Wilkinson Sword blades , Made in England, in retail packaging, unopened

Hi all, Another week, more pruning of supplies. I know these Wilkinson blades are extremely hard to find and no longer made in England. I personally prefer a different brand that works well for me. YMMV, as always, and some people swear by these.

  • I have indeed already sent a bunch to the appropriate B&B member for the GBE (Great Blade Exchange), so there are some there!
  • 7 packs are 5 blades each; 2 packs are 10 each of XCN Chromium! woo hooo. 👀 🙌🏼 🙃 😂
  • Here we have a GIVEAWAY, Paying It Forward, PIF, for 55 Wilkinson blades. See photos. The winner will be picked via random.org # as usual.
  • Please post @Name and the next number after you in this thread (not just "I'm IN", please)
  • Entry ends Sunday, 28 January 2024, 20:29; 8:59 pm EDT.
  • If you are in MacGyver 2024, please note this will impact your status if you win
Good luck. Will ship anywhere in the USA (no overseas due to shipping costs.)

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Wilkinson Sword, Made in England Blades in Retail Pack, by @phdezra

4. ...

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UPDATE: I am now offering worldwide shipping (on me) as usual in my PIFs, because although B&B is based in US, I want all members to have a chance, BUT: so long as you are not in a war zone; not in a country of "armed conflict," which would create significant shipping hassles, as defined here: List of ongoing armed conflicts - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ongoing_armed_conflicts. (This is not a political statement, but one of simple shipping costs. 🙃 )

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55 Wilkinson Swords, Made in England Blades, in Retail Pack, by @phdezra

1. @cranewarrior
2. @Jmp63
3. @rockrabbit
4. @EasyDoesIt
5. @AnimalCatcher
6. @Zora
7. @DesertIguana
8. @JohnG
9. @ButterfaceX
10. @Kix

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