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GIVEAWAY! PIF: Gillette Super Adjustable 109 PV, 1977. Mint condition (in packaging).

Hi all. Paying It Forward in life with a GIVEAWAY here of a 1977 "Super Adjustable 109 PV". (TTO = Twist to Open”) Yes, this is correctly identified (I have somehow acquired TWO and this was in my "storage" box, and I am reducing clutter(!). I would not be giving this away if my only one, and I don't want to deal with eBay; this one still in its package (well, the plastic does open and close, and it has been used -- note: I sanitized it with alcohol and *very* hot water, but suggest you do same).

SUPER ADJUSTABLE 109 PV "Black Beauty" (nickname), indeed. This Super 109 (actually 109.5mm) has a black handle, which is a resin coated aluminum. This 109.5 millimeter handle was introduced (this one in 1977 as we'll soon see because of backplate identification) to provide a longer handle than the Super-84 and provided a better balance. Eventually, I believe the Super-84 line was discontinued altogether. More info on the full line and history here: herehttps://gilletteadjustable.com/home/razors/super-adjustable-family/

This model is the Super Adjustable 109 PV because of the plastic plate with vertical knurling, introduced in 1977 to save on manufacturing costs as the bottom plate was switched out and made out of black plastic instead of nickel plated brass (see photos).​
A LATER model came out in 1980 with diamond knurling (no lines whatsoever). This is indeed the 1977 model. True classic.​
MOST IMPORTANTLY, with my beloved Derby Extra (I know, mixed acc to some but great blades!) provides a great shave. If set to 1-5, very mild esp if using a Derby Extra. If set to 7-9 (higher # = larger blade gap = more aggresive-ish) plus Nacet or Feather, wow! I tend to like more passes instead of more aggressive, fewer passes, though that isn't apples-to-apples either, but you get the general idea. Interesingly, look at the back of the packaging as they recommend starting on 5, and then adjusting to suit your requirements. Today, we are all familiar with this.​
Oh, it comes with two blades in a metal tuck (unheard of these days--metal!?). IDK the quality.​

My prior GIVEAWAY was for 2 packages of Wilkinson Sword, Made in England blades that I ran for just a weekend. This is a bit of a step up, so I will let it run a full week to allow as many members to see it and enter if so desired for a fair chance. The deadline for the GIVEAWAY entries (postings within thread) on this one will be Jan 14, 8:59p EDT.

--> NOTE: If you are part of the 2024 MacGyver challenge, please do not enter unless you are willing to be out of the challenge if you win (I am sure some might take that bet!)​

Photos below, though no need to repost them but please post your @Name adding your name (and then the next blank number below) the following, which will make it easy for me to ultimately do a random.org # 'drawing'.
👉🏼 As always, the only thing I ask is that after you've used this for a few shaves, please post a short review as to how it shaves, potential comparisons, and so on.

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Gillette Super Adjustable 109 PV, 1977 by @phdezra


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Actual photos (and eye candy if you consider razors eye candy 😁!). Good luck.


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