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Trip to Barcelona


Here is a pic from inside the shop in Girona.

Plus a nice pic of a scenic street in the old city.

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I made it to Myrsol Lab this morning and bought two of their soaps, one of their aftershaves, and a large tube of the LEA cream.

The shop is on a residential street far from the busier sections of the city. I was greeted by an older man who spoke no English when I rang the bell. I assume he is the owner and the shop is a wholesaler. We communicated with hand gestures. He was very enthusiastic about my visit and threw in a tub of soap in for free. I wish I had taken a few photos. All in all, a memorable experience. The shop is on this street on the right side.

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Great in and outdoors photos. The Myrsol lab sounds very interesting.
I would pick a couple of Lea sticks too. I think they're comparable to the amazing La Toja. For what they're priced in Spain, it's possibly the best value for money you can get (both Lea and La Toja).
Of course, between the 2 La Toja sticks, the 3 Myrsol soaps (your post mentions 2, but the photo says otherwise) and the 250g of Lea cream, you have quite a few wonderful shaves ahead of you before you need to worry about soap or cream.
How much were the Myrsol soaps?
I am not sure. I paid 49 EU for the 2 soaps, 1 after shave and tube of LEA. Remember that the proprietor threw one of the soaps in for free. So the average price of each of the 4 items came to 12.25. Seems reasonable. The soaps and the cream seem to be vegan.

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Don't think you can get better prices than this. Haven't had the pleasure of trying but Myrsol soaps are highly regarded.
Love seeing the shots of Girona and Myrsol Lab!! Brings me right back!! I bought Formula K and Agua de Lìmon and the owner’s son threw in a bottle of Emulsion. Very nice! It was a challenge walking to the shop from Gracia without a map! We are in Lisbon now, and a little grateful we chose it over Barcelona, given the situation there now.

Enjoy the shaving spoils! All good stuff!