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Hi Everyone!

I am what I guess you guys call a “newbie”. I am a 75 year old retired chemical engineer. My shaving started when my father gave his teenage son a Gillette Flip top razor. I used it for decades. But eventually i was forced to these “Modern” multi blade systems because of lack of readily conveniently availability of DE in my area (SF Bay Area). Sometime after the 1990’s they all but disappeared from store shelves. As the price of those new multi bladed cartridge products escalated to outrageous levels, I kept wondering “what ever happened to the old DE flip top systems, do they still even exist? “

So with the help of the internet, and sites like this, I have finally wound my way back to the start of the yellow brick road. I recently bought a beautiful CNC machined piece of stainless steel fashioned in to something called a REX Envoy, and a pack of various sample blades from Amazon. Progress is an interesting thing: Sometimes going forward is just a return to a refinement of the beginning!

Anyway, I could not be happier. And I want to thank this community for keeping my beginnings alive with their dedications to this avid hobby.

However, there are some negatives, unfortunately not all is wonderful. Specifically my issue is with my old body that has become increasingly reactive to modern manufacturing compounding chemistry (a subject I know a little about. ha ..ha..!) I have always been sensitive to “perfumes” (UUGGHH!!!). But there is now more chemistry that sneaks into products for other reasons. The use of inexpensive extenders, preservatives, mold and bacterial inhibitors, the list is very long. I am sure some Artisan shops are very honest about what is “in their stuff”, but some are not. For example I went shopping at WalMart and found a “unscented oatmeal shave cream”. I got just one try at it and i knew something was very wrong. I did not even get to the first razor stroke on my skin and I noticed my face was “itching”. I thought that was weird but I kept going with the shave. After a rinse and towel, the itching had turned in to a burning pain in some areas. I looked in the mirror, red blotches everywhere.

This is my ‘newbie post” so I will not rant on about this subject right now, however I might post in the future on this subject. But keep in mind that chemistry is a two edge sword. In my career, the products i made could be used for good, or in the wrong hands, for evil. (high energy explosives.) There is a responsibility that chemists have. Unfortunately, not all of them take it seriously, or just do what the boss and owners of the company tell them to do.

Here is some reading (yes it is technical stuff, but you can trudge through it anyway, from NIH National Library of Medicine) . The article is one of many that discuss the hazards of “perfume chemistry” in the general population. You might find it of interest.

Between attraction and avoidance: from perfume application to fragrance-free policies - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7366882/
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Welcome to the B&B community.

I'm 70 and my skin reacts to the ingredients added to various products in create their signature scents. I had to find good unscented products, including unscented shaving soaps and creams.

If you decide that might interest you, I'd keep an eye out for Canada Shaving Soap, though it's out of stock at Amazon at the moment and the shipping costs from their own website make it a bit unpractical.

I would suggest you take a look at Stirling Unscented with Beeswax... It's a very good product. Mike's also makes a great unscented soap.


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Welcome to B&B! Looks like you're doing well in the hardware department. Sorry you're struggling in the software department. I can't help, but there are MANY threads dedicated to fellow members seeking out, recommending, and pursuing products with less/minimal "stuff" that I hope you can find and will be helpful.

Please continue to share.
Glad you've joined, welcome! This is a nice group here that enjoys our wet shaving hobby. Sorry I'm not able to help in the sensitive skin area, but others have offered their advice. I'm just wanting to tell you we're glad you've become a B & B member!
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