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Trip to Barcelona

My 21 year old son and I are heading to Barcelona this evening to visit my daughter. I have decided to throw caution to the wind and pack my new GC68P in my checked-in bag. I am also packing an Omega 10066, some Stirling Lime, some RPLs (for my son) and 7 O'clock SPs (for me), and a small plastic bottle of witch hazel.

Because I also just bought a GC84P, I am not in the market to buy much, but I will need a soap or two by the end of the year. I plan to check out the local drug stores for shaving supplies. If anyone knows of any good shave shops in Barcelona or Spanish shaving products, I would love to hear about them.
i heard of Latoya but when i visited Spain last june i didnt see much of anything except personna red blades.

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I was there a few days ago. Check this out:

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Ganiveteria Roca, Placa del Pi, 3. You’ll love it, and it’s in the heart of the city. Have a great time!
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Look for perfumerias rather than pharmacias for shaving stuff. You will find La Toja sticks and creams, Floïd aftershaves. Small grocery stores will have LEA and Bea shave sticks. There is a good perfumeria which is a little more expensive not far from Plaça Catalunya, down Avinguda Del Portal de L’Àngel, on Carrer de Cucurulla, called Ella y El.
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This advice is all excellent as I have been down the same routes in Barcelona. Remember that El Corte Ingles have a fine selection too -especially of Vie Long brushes and Proraso. La Toja sticks are fantastic. And the huge 250g Lea cream offers amazing value. Best advice is to pack light - you will need to space for shopping!

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We got to the store on Ganiviteria Roca around 1:45 PM and one of the saleswomen locked the door for siesta as I put my hand on the door knob. We are now heading to Girona for two nights. I am going to try the store on GR when or one of the other stores when we return to Barcelona in Thursday.

I checked a couple of small pharmacies for shaving supplies but did not find anything. So hopefully more to come on our mission.

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I stumbled onto a knife store with a small selection of brushes, razors and soaps on our way into Girona.


They only sold one Spanish soap - La Toja. So I scored two for 3 EU each.

They also carried Spanish brushes by Vie-Long.

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We took the high speed train back to Barcelona and hit 201 km/hr. Great ride. Unlike the regional train, we had to go through security and when I put my bag with my GC and blades through the scanner, the dude did not say a word. I have no idea if he saw the blades or not or if it is allowed. I did not ask.

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A bit late but it’s possible to buy Alvarez Gomez products in Barca, I always liked their shaving cream...

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